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In This Issue
• Consciousness  • Drones  • Optech Titan  • Point Clouds  • Preserving Historic Structures  • Art, LIDAR, & History  • Building Permits  • Multispectral LiDAR  • Handheld LiDAR  • Chicago  • Colorado Springs  • Road Surveys  • Chiroptera II  • SPAR-E & ELMF  • David Hall  • Mission Critical
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Martinez Geospatial, Inc. Upgrades Toolset with Optech Lynx SG1
Intelligent Maptek Software Tools Turn Dense Lidar Data into Practical Results
GoGeomatics Canada is Offering Resume Writing Services for Geospatial Professionals
Pre Registration and Call for Abstracts UAS MAPPING RENO
GeoTerra Orders New Advanced Optech Galaxy Airborne Lidar for Mountain Surveys
LizardTech is Exhibiting at the NCGIS 2015 Conference
Geomatics Data Solutions Fills Bathymetric LIDAR Gap with CHIROPTERA II from Leica Geosystems and Airborne Hydrography AB
Phase One Industrial and IGI Announce AEROcontrol Now Fully integrated with the Phase One Aerial Camera Series
RIEGL to Exhibit and Sponsor REAL 2015!
MAPPS Supports Proposed FAA Rules to Allow Commercial Use of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Maptek Re-Launches Open Pit Scheduler as Maptek Evolution
Neptec Technologies Demonstrates 3DRi-based Truck Spotting Application at Fording River Coal Mine
Apogee Series, The Most Accurate MEMS Inertial Navigation System
LizardTech Releases Updated GeoViewer for Windows Application
Digital Aerial Solutions Expands Mapping Services with Purchase of Leica ALS80 Laser Scanner
Artec Group and CyArk Partner to Digitally Preserve Cultural Heritage
Optech Presenting Multipulse and Multispectral Solutions at ILMF 2015
Orbit GT to show New Oblique Solutions at ILMF, Denver
Harris to Showcase Revolutionary New Geiger-mode LiDAR Sensor and Processing Services for Commercial Users During ILMF Conference
Ralph Rio of ARC Advisory Group and Dave Truch of BP International to Deliver Keynotes at SPAR International 2015
ENERGOINVEST D.D. Sarajevo Achieves Time Reduction in Design Works Using AVEVA Bocad Tower
Orbit GT and RedChina Geosystems, China, Sign Reseller Agreement
Routescene® to Exhibit at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) in Denver
SAM, LLC Opens Office in Kansas City
From The Editor: Professional Consciousness
Random Points: Drones and LiDAR
Beyond 3D—Multispectral Optech Titan Opens New Applications for Lidar
Branching Out With Point Clouds—New Opportunities and Applications for 3D Laser Scan Data
3D Laser Scanning Technology—Key in Preserving Historic Structures After South Napa Earthquake
The First Spectral Map of a Forest Understory from Multispectral LiDAR

Latest Articles From Our Contributors...

Michael Raphael 
3D Scanning Featured in Rock Music Video: Michael Raphael – In early May 2014, Direct Dimensions was contacted by a film production company about helping to create a music video for the band called Liars. The producers and director had a very clear vision of what they wanted to do in the video (see the Featured Video), which was show the creation and destruction ...
John 'JB' Byrd 
Growing Support for Digital Coast in Congress: John "JB" Byrd – Recent reports and articles have focused on sea level rise and how technology can be used to monitor, evaluate and plan for the phenomena. Included in these reports is a focus on a technology known and accepted by the geospatial community, but new to the mainstream media. That technology is LiDAR ...
Lewis Graham 
LIDAR Best Practices: Part II – Field Analysis: Lewis Graham – In the initial installment, we examined the initial acquisition segment of an airborne LIDAR project. In this issue, we will move on through field quality checks. As discussed in the previous issue, it is always best practice to look for problems that might require a reflight prior to mobilization off the project area ...

 LiDAR News Magazine - Recent Articles
From The Editor: The British Invasion
It was 50 years ago that the Beatles came to America highlighting the British Invasion of rock music. Most of my generation can tell you exactly where they were when they watched "The Fab Four" for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show. This time around the Brits are poised to launch ....
Read the Article
Lewis Graham 
Random Points: Coherently Speaking...
I was reading with interest the debate over LiDAR, LiDAR, LiDAR and so forth in the previous issue of LIDAR News. I am not sure it much matters about the capitalization but I think we need to change the meaning of the acronym. There are several variants with the most popular seeming ....
Read the Article
W. Stocking, PS 
Scanning the 'Back Dragon'
Commissioned in 1939 for naval operations during World War II, only four Iowa-class fast battleships were completed. The first of these, the USS New Jersey--also known as "Big J" or the "Black Dragon"--is the most decorated battleship in naval ....
Read the Article
Wilder Young  
LiDAR Earth—2D and 3D LiDAR Data Hosting Technolog
In the past twenty or so years, LiDAR technology has evolved significantly. In the beginning of commercial LiDAR, sensors operated at pulse repetition rates as little as 5kHz and only could receive first and last pulses or both. That amount of data at the time was massive and computer ....
Read the Article
Thad Wester 
How Can I Use a Drone, and What Products Can I Create With It?
How can I use a drone, and what can I produce with it? Those are the questions that I intended to answer when I bought a drone six months ago. The answers aren't completely known yet, but what I have collected with my drone has made me optimistic about their future as a surveying tool ....
Read the Article
Bill Gutelius 
On The DOT—Collecting 3D Data with a Novel Handheld Imaging Device
The DOTProduct DPI-7 is an interesting offering in a growing market (e.g. Tango, Matterport, Structure, etc), of handheld 3D scanning systems. By integrating sophisticated software (Phi.3D) with readily available off-the-shelf sensors and tablets, it appears that DOTProduct has been ....
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Vorobyov, Reznichenko, & Monastyrov 
10 Commandments for the Lidar Data User: From Myths to Utilization
LiDAR technologies are becoming more and more usable in diverse areas of human activity. The application of LiDAR data varies from heavy industry to environmental protection, infrastructure to navigation and architecture to agriculture. So LiDAR data appears widely populated, but the ....
Read the Article
How High Accuracy Asset Collection Drives Mobile LiDAR System
As 2014 winds down, we have been taking a closer look at TopoDOT® usage statistics for the year. One very interesting development has been the emergence of some real power-users with applications trending toward asset collection in support of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) ....
Read the Article
Jon Adams  
Of Abe And George
On October 7th, 2014, Steven Schorr, President of DJS Associates, Inc., a forensic consulting firm based in Abington, PA, ceremoniously added two completed projects to the "Ark" as part of the 2nd annual CyArk 500 Summit, held at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Ben ....
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Laser Scanning of Architecture in South Africa
Vernacular architecture is any localized architectural style addressing local building needs through the use of local materials. It is often in direct response to the local environment. An important part of every country's unique heritage, it ....
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John M.
Russo, AIA 
The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD)
Buildings are an integral part of our everyday lives. They provide us shelter and help sustain life. Buildings are where we work to produce goods and services that allow our societies to prosper and grow. Buildings can even serve as a form of art and identity. I think it is safe to say that ....
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Ken Smerz 
The Business of Laser Scanning: Situation Report
Recently I was speaking to another service provider and the conversation turned into a discussion on whether our industry is becoming `commoditized'. We'd both recently lost jobs in a competitive bid situations to operators who we felt did not have the experience. My friend and I ....
Read the Article
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