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• Standards  • In The Scan  • Training  • Vaudeville  • MAPPS 2014  • Smithsonian X3D  • Asset Mapping  • Brussels  • Level of Accuracy  • SfM  • Data Quality  • Optech  • NCHRP 748  • Wildlife Habitat.  • Terra Ceia  • Metastable States  • Fröhlich  • Business
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Certainty 3D LLC Releases TechNote #1021: “Establishing Requirements, Extracting Metrics and Evaluating Quality of LiDAR Data”
USGIF Names Roberta “Bobbi” Lenczowski as the 2013 Arthur C. Lundahl - Thomas C. Finnie Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient
SPIN from Sanborn Mapping
Innovative Sensor Fusion Applications for Optech ILRIS to be Showcased at EGU 2014
RIEGL USA to Exhibit and Present at SPIE DSS 2014
Leica Geosystems to Demo Easy BIM As-Builting Solutions at Boston BIMForum
Spectra Precision’s New MobileMapper 20 Handheld Extends GIS Capabilities in the Field
AVEVA provides Integrated Engineering & Design Solutions to TOTAL E&P Nigeria Limited
Leica Geosystems to Open State-of-the-Art HDS Laser Scanner Service Center in Atlanta
Yotta Horizons Software Helps Highways Engineers Enhance Asset Management
RIEGL LIDAR 2015 will take place in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China May 5-8, 2015!
ZEB1 Hand Held Laser Scanner on US Tour
Kubit Announces New Product Release
Bluesky’s National Tree Map Helps Council Map Trees
Basis Software Releases “Entry Level” Surphaser
Trimble Announces New Software Updates to Simplify Geospatial Analysis and Modeling
Trimble Delivers 3D Scanning Extension for SketchUp
Neptec Technologies to Demonstrate New OPAL-120 Laser Scanner at SPAR International in Colorado Springs
Psomas Chooses Optech Lynx SG1 Mobile Mapper™ for Highway Surveying
From The Editor: The "S" Word—Standards
In The Scan
Operations: To Train or Not to Train
Historic Preservation: Saving Vaudeville—Restoration for a Community
Conferences: MAPPS 2014 Winter Meeting Recap
Smithsonian X 3D
Fast & Accurate Asset Mapping
Taking Maps to the Next Dimension
What is Meant by "Level of Accuracy?"
Evaluation of Structure from Motion (SfM) in Compact, Long Hallways
Establishing Requirements, Extracting Metrics and Evaluating Quality of LiDAR Data

Latest Articles From Our Contributors...

Ryan Hacker 
It Cost What?: Ryan Hacker – As with most things the final decision comes down to pricing. How much does a product or service cost and as the buyer of those goods or services do I perceive that amount of value? If I see the value, I transact the deal. If I do not see the value, I find an alternative solution or do nothing at all. At TruePoint Laser Scanning, pricing the actual laser ...
Stephen Clancy 
Processing and Communicating - Internally: Stephen Clancy – There are countless articles on Mobile LiDAR addressing a variety of topics. As an industry, we do an effective job of communicating to our peers and perspective clients the projects we’ve performed, the accuracies we’ve achieved, or the unique solutions we offer, among other topics. However, aside from ...
Joe Croser 
Be Creative But Don’t Forget to Test Your Concept First!: Joe Croser – A client called me yesterday, “We want to make a splash at an upcoming event and we’ve been brainstorming some ideas that we’re really excited about. Do you have time to review them?” At that point I was on a train heading into London so we agreed to reconvene via Skype this morning. I had no ...
Karen Schuckman 
Penn State Offers Online LiDAR Mapping Course: Karen Shuckman – Many readers may have heard about the online learning opportunities provided by the Penn State World Campus. The online geospatial programs have served over 5000 students since 1998. In 2009, an international organization, The Sloan Consortium recognized the master of GIS program as the Most ...

 LiDAR News - Recent Articles
From The Editor: The "S" Word—Standards
With ILMF 2014 and ASPRS 2014 (American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) in the books, attention now turns to SPAR 2014 which takes place April 14-17 in Colorado Springs. LiDAR Magazine will be distributed at this important industry event, assuming I can get ....
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In The Scan
• Focus3DX130: fast, accurate measurements.. • Trimble InSphere: cloud-based platform.. • Optech—CZMIL: Lidar bathymetry.. • Velodyne's HDL-32E: Calibrated Reflectivities.. • iOne Oblique: inspect oblique aerial imagery.. • STEINBICHLER T-SCAN: large-volume measurement ....
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Operations: To Train or Not to Train
Recently there's been a push among some of our clients to start bringing 3d imaging systems in-house. In the majority of cases the client wants my company to provide some form of training to help them get off on the right foot. Although we are in the consulting business, training is a ....
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Historic Preservation: Saving Vaudeville—Restoration for a Community
In 2012 I was approached by the Director of the Rivoli Theater Restoration Coalition from Pendleton, Oregon. He had seen a few of the point cloud visualizations our team put together for the Petersen Rock Garden in Redmond, Oregon and he was confident that the Rivoli could benefit ....
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Conferences: MAPPS 2014 Winter Meeting Recap
Over the past seven years MAPPS has hosted conference sessions on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This was to keep the membership informed and engaged with the integration of technology, as well as the pending regulations for commercial use. The buzz around the technology has ....
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Smithsonian X 3D
In 1985 I attended the ACSM/ ASPRS annual conference held in Washington, DC. After returning home to Oklahoma I remarked to my wife that the Smithsonian museums in DC would be great for our three children. Little did I know that less than two ....
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Fast & Accurate Asset Mapping
Monroe County (Mich.) Drain Commissioner David Thompson has managed a number of water asset collection projects in his 20 years of experience in the Drain Commissioner's Office. One aspect that has always bothered him is safety; many water assets are located in or near busy roadways ....
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Taking Maps to the Next Dimension
The Centre for Informatics of the Brussels Capital Region (CIBG) has long maintained large scale base maps of the Brussels Capital Region in a system known as UrbIS (Urban Information System). In 2011, in addition to the regular bi-annual update, the CIBG decided to add 3D representations ....
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What is Meant by "Level of Accuracy?"
As a service provider who documents buildings I often hear my clients say "I need one quarter inch accuracy" or "everything , needs to be within an eighth of an inch" or, some other stated level of accuracy. How can I be certain I am able to provide what my contract requires when that's ....
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Evaluation of Structure from Motion (SfM) in Compact, Long Hallways
Structure from Motion (SfM) is an emerging technology which can generate 3D point clouds from a series of overlapping 2D images. Research and commercial interests in SfM tech ....
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Establishing Requirements and Evaluating Quality of LiDAR Data
Certainty 3D LLC has been on the receiving end of many LiDAR projects. The data typically shows up via a FedEx delivery of a hard drive from a mobile LiDAR system with which we have had no direct contact. All we typically receive is data, the requirements for extracting a 3D model from the ....
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3D Pioneers—A Visit to Optech
It has been my privilege to visit the folks at Optech on three occasions, twice for company visits and once for the company's user conference. My first visit was in 2002, when the company was located in a business park mostly composed of one ....
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Promoting Standards through Use Cases
In this article I want to explore what I believe is a missing piece of the adoption of standards and more generally a barrier to greater growth in the mobile lidar mapping segment. First I'll present the issue from the point of view of someone outside the lidar mapping industry. Then I'll ....
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Airborne Laser Altimetry for Strategic Habitat Conservation Planning
Spatial data layers, predictive model outcomes, and GIS maps describing wildlife habitat relationships are now standard tools for guiding wildlife management and monitoring, and for targeting conservation actions in places where they have the greatest impact (Craighead and Convis ....
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Random Points: Metastable States
I warn you ahead of time that this article waxes a bit philosophical (sort of like applying entropy to the state of my office). GeoCue Group is entering the small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) business with our new subsidiary, AirGon LLC. We have been trying to categorize sUAS as ....
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Industry Pioneers: Christoph Fröhlich
In the Beginning. There must have been something about the business environment in Germany in the 1990's that encouraged the development of not one, but two of the world's leading 3D laser scanner manufacturers. Not only did Bernd Becker launch what would become the innovative line ....
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Multi-wave LiDAR for Habitat Restoration in Terra Ceia, Florida
The Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) Act, authorized by the Florida Legislature in 1987, directs the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) and the four water management districts in Florida to protect, restore, and maintain Florida's highly threatened ....
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The Business of Laser Scanning: The Hell You Can't
All too often I come in contact with someone in the 3D imaging business who is overly excited about some new hardware or software technology that's the next greatest thing. They proclaim that the new product is going to "revolutionize our industry," or make obsolete whatever it is you're ....
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