Last Call for Lidar Art Entries!


Submission by Bluesky of Ireland

Two more days to enter your images before we begin selecting our favorites!

We are looking for images with artistic appeal ideally connected to the theme of the Winter Solstice.

Please send us your submission by December 1st.  We will choose the top 5 entries and then turn the contest back to you, our readers, asking you to vote on your favorite, determining the final winner of this year’s contest.  We will announce the winner on the solstice, December 21.

To find out more and how to enter.

Here are a couple of the entries so far. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!


Submission by Woolpert of Ohio



  • Hi I’m JEFF Boyd Jr the President and founder of the Independent Research Society. I get released information to newly discovered sights. I live at Poverty Point Louisiana which I garuntee is hiding secrets. Recently I’ve been contacted by someone with evidence of underground ruins and possible pyramid….in Europe! I’d love for someone to contact me. 318 286 1565
    I am a speaker at tue 2017 advanced Archeology Symposium but I’m of the new school. Our answers to free energy and other answers to our world underfoot. My network of researchers I get information that’s a goldmine. We recently got LiDAR of Angkor Wat amd now making a movie of us traveling to uncover it. We’ve found megalithic stones that look like the top of a pyramid. I guess we’ve become the place to report discoveries too. Angkor wat still hold secrets. Poverty Point and would love to share some data with you. LiDAR amd muon I tell everyone will change the world!!

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