Functionality of LAS 1.4 Flags

bnielsenbnielsen Lidar ManagerSLC, UT
How many out there are using the LAS 1.4 flags for Withheld, overlap/overage and key points?
Also what software are you using to implement this functionality?


  • LewisGrahamLewisGraham President Madison
    I suspect quite a few. It is now a requirement for USGS 3DEP deliveries.
    We use GeoCue and LP360 (we are the vendor for both of these). We also support within both GeoCue and LP360 "fixing" Terrasolid output for LAS 1.4 since LAS 1.4 is not yet supported in Terrasolid.
  • jamieyoungjamieyoung Senior Geomatics Technologist Colorado
    Lewis is correct. Everyone is now required to do this if following the USGS LBS V1.2 November 2014 specification. We use MARS and wrote scripts to do this.
  • President of Asset Management Solutions Orlando, FL
    We are following that specification here at DTS. We use EarthShaper as our software solution.
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