Required Software

On average how many software products do you use to complete a project?


  • bnielsenbnielsen Lidar Manager SLC, UT
    edited December 2015
    Let's get things started....
    Depends on the project requirements and deliverables, we fly, calibrate and process Lidar data, not to mention the byproducts we generate using Lidar.
    On average I use 8 software products to complete an average Lidar based project.
  • That is actually quite amazing - thanks for sharing
  • sappstersappster CTO Austin
    This would make for a great poll to see the top used platforms
  • Can you please provide the top 5 candidates so we can create the poll?

  • SlewisSlewis Survey Specialist DC Metro Area
    We typically use Leica Cyclone, Leica Jeststream, Leica Cloudworx, AutoCAD and/or Revit, and last but not least Navisworks
  • BillGBillG Lidar Aficionado US
    It would be interesting to see how many different SW packages are required on just one type of project. (e.g. a BIM vs. airborne project)
  • I will set up the poll by category - great idea.
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