Certainty 3D – ILMF Preview

Please Visit us at Booth #77

Certainty 3D will highlight automated tools and a complete process workflow for extracting GIS database inventory from LiDAR data. The GIS market has seen increasing demand to employ high performance mobile LiDAR scanning systems previously used primarily in support of design, build and construction applications for asset database acquisition. GIS database customers are increasingly recognizing the increased value proposition associated with the high precision point cloud data and tightly calibrated images produced by these mobile LiDAR systems.

The introduction in 2015 of highly productive TopoDOT GIS asset extraction tools has brought processing cost levels down considerably, thereby further increasing the value proposition of this data. At ILMF 2016, Certainty 3D will showcase data from a DOT project. The dataset will include LiDAR data along with terrestrial and aerial “calibrated” images.  Certainty 3D will demonstrate the workflow from asset extraction in TopoDOT through export to an ArcGIS database inventory. Of particular note is how this technology and workflow is moving the traditional straight line diagram deliverable format to a more modern public domain online map based reference.

Contact info: Fabian Cuervo

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