OXTS – ILMF Preview

Please Visit Us at Booth #24

OxTS designs and manufactures high precision inertial and GNSS navigation systems for measuring motion, position and orientation. OxTS focus on low-cost performance INS using precision MEMS accelerometers and gyros. We maximise on value by using sensors with low SWaP and low cost, and extracting the full potential and performance with extensive calibration and custom sensor fusion algorithms. We are dedicated to making simple-to-use products that deliver reliable results, and all of this is backed by our first class service and support.

This year at ILMF we will be showcasing several product families, including our Survey+, xNAV, and xOEM products.

Our Survey+ systems combine the best of GNSS positioning technology with high-grade gyros and accelerometers to deliver superior performance in one single enclosure. The Survey+ system is ideal for land-based applications in harsh GNSS environments.
The xNAV and xOEM product families combine dual GNSS receivers with high performance miniature inertial sensors to deliver a survey-grade solution in packages from just 125 g. Perfect for UAV/UAS applications that require precise positioning and orientation that GNSS or autopilots alone can’t deliver. The xNAV series provides a complete environmentally protected system while the xOEM gives system integrators a board set to save weight or build directly into a product.

All of our products can be easily integrated with LiDAR scanners, cameras and hyperspectral sensors.

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