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Get the most out of your LiDAR data with FME, made by Safe Software.

With support for 345+ applications and data types including LiDAR point clouds, FME enables you to convert, transform and automate your data however and whenever it’s needed — no coding required.

Transform your LAS, ASTM E57, CSAR, XYZ, RIEGL Laser Scan Database, and Terrasolid TerraScan data exactly how it’s required with FME:
•    Convert and combine with GIS, CAD, raster and hundreds of other data formats
•    Load into databases like Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, Microsoft SQL Server
•    Transform data by subsetting, filtering, performing statistical calculations, reprojecting and more

Visit the Safe Software booth (#82) to discover the possibilities for your LiDAR data, and see FME in action at a 12 minute ILMF product presentation on Monday, February 22 at 10:42am.

To get a head start on learning how to get the most out of your data, join us for a special live LiDAR Webinar on Wednesday, February 17.

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