Laser Scanning Technology & The Kuwait Cultural Center: 3d Measurement in Real Time Proves Essential.

The Kuwaiti Cultural Center, currently under construction in Kuwait City, is intended to become the icon for the country and the entire region. It’s composed of 4 separate structures that are all free form in design and cladded in titanium. There is literally nothing like it in the world. The challenge the building envelope contractor, BEMO International, had was to […]

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Mobile Mapping Systems – An Overview and Performance Test

(This article is based on a peer reviewed paper written by I. Toschi, et al) Mobile Mapping System (MMS) is nowadays an emerging technology, whose development began in the late 1980s and is constantly growing. From a technological point of view, MMS is a multi-sensor system, that consists mainly of three components: mapping sensors (active and/or passive 3D imaging systems), […]

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Siteco’s Road-Scanner Surveys Okinawa Island Main Highway for ASCO

Asco Co. Ltd. is a general construction consultant based in Osaka and has been a pioneer of cutting edge 3D surveying technologies, including Laser Mobile Mapping. Last October, at Intergeo 2014, Mr. Masato Banjo, the CEO of Asco and their technical team were impressed by the Road-Scanner mobile mapping system.  ASCO began analyzing the system features and collecting sample data. […]

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