Airborne Lidar – Discrete Return or Full Waveform?

image of plane collecting Airborne Lidar

This paper from 2011 provides an excellent treatment of the difference between discrete return airborne lidar and full waveform digital signal processing. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Discrete return (DR) airborne lidar systems can record 4 returns Full waveform (FW) can record an unlimited number in theory Some systems provide both sensors DR is catching up to FW Excerpts […]

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LiDARUSA Announces Z+F Mobile Systems

Photo of LidarUSA Z+F Mobile System

LiDARUSA is pleased to announce the integration of the Z+F scanners for mobile mapping.  The Z+F Profiler is a high-speed, very precise (sub mm), 360 deg scanner providing more than 1 million points/sec at up to 200 profiles/sec to a range of nearly 120 meters. Adding the Profiler to the Hiway Mapper series ensures users continued availability of the best […]

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