unmanned aircraft systems map installation assets, maximize efficiency


USING UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS TO MAP INSTALLATION ASSETS MAXIMIZES EFFICIENCY VICKSBURG, Miss. (Feb. 26, 2018)–Jenny Laird, Thommy Berry, Kenneth Matheson, Elizabeth Lord and Robby Boyd, all of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Environmental Laboratory, utilized unmanned aircraft systems to conduct an infrastructure inventory and assessment of the ERDC-Vicksburg installation, part of a collaborative effort with ERDC’s Directorate […]

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University of kentucky, KENTUCKY GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Collaborate

KGS, UK COMPUTER SCIENCE COLLABORATE ON SINKHOLE MACHINE-LEARNING RESEARCH LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 11, 2019) — Kentucky is famous not only for having the world’s longest cave system (Mammoth Cave), but also for another geologic occurrence: sinkholes. Some sinkholes are dramatic, such as the one that occurred inside the Corvette Museum in 2014. They can cause property damage and pose a threat […]

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