Ouster Releases Full Lineup of 128-Channel Resolution Lidar Sensors

Ouster Releases New Ultra-Wide View OS0 Lidar Sensor and Full Lineup of 128-Channel Resolution Lidar Sensors  Introducing the OS0, a new category of ultra-wide field-of-view lidar 128-channel resolution now available across Ouster OS0, OS1, and OS2 series lidar sensors Long-range OS2-128 honored with CES Innovation Award and is shipping now All Ouster sensors are based on its proprietary digital lidar […]

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Beijing Startup Claims Next Generation of Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles

A Beijing Startup May Have Just Built the Next Generation of LIDAR for Automation Cars The Beijing startup veterans from Tsinghua University, co-founders of AodtBJ(Advanced optical detect technology Beijing Aodtbj), have built a sensor for automation cars that can see not just where things are but how fast they’re moving—a potentially critical ability for cars trying to navigate safely around […]

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ROBOSENSE 125-LASER BEAM SOLID-STATE LIDAR: RS-LiDAR-M1 IS OFFICIALLY ON SALE PRICED AT $1,898 World’s First Smart LiDAR Sensor Will Be Demonstrated at CES 2020 with On-Vehicle Public Road Test January 2, 2020, Shenzhen, China — RoboSense http://www.robosense.ai, the world’s leading autonomous driving LiDAR perception solution provider, announced today that the solid-state LiDAR RS-LiDAR-M1Simple(Simple Sensor Version) is now ready for customer delivery, priced at $1,898. The […]

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