2016 Winter Solstice Contest Lidar Art Winner!

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2016 Winter Solstice Lidar as Art contest.  Jefferson L. Searle of Meridian Engineering of West Jordan, Utah entered this stunning image which is a perfect scan for a solstice contest. Why you ask? Find out by reading the story about the scan and the Sun Tunnels art installation.

We are grateful to everyone who entered our contest this year and eager to inspire you to start thinking about entries for next year. There may be a very exciting announcement for our contest next year so stay tuned and get scanning!

Tomorrow I will celebrate the solstice by standing on a beach in the late afternoon Maine sun with friends and many children, lighting a fire to honor the closing of another year and the return to the light.

I am grateful for the blessings of this season. And we at Lidar News are grateful for all of our readers and contributors.

Thank you for entering this year’s contest, congratulations to Jefferson and the team at Meridian Engineering and we look forward to seeing your inspirations next year!

Sarah Roe and The Lidar News Team

“The land is love. Love is what we fear. To disengage from the earth is our own oppression. I stand on the edge of these wetlands, a place of renewal, an oasis in the desert, as an act of faith, believing the sun has completed the southern end of its journey and is now contemplating its return toward light.” – An excerpt from Terry Tempest Williams’ piece, Winter Solstice at the Moab Slough

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