2017 Solstice Contest Winner Announcement!

Maser Consulting’s image is the winner of our 2017 Winter Solstice Lidar Art Contest with almost 400 votes!

Congratulations to their team!! They share the story of their image below.

Thank you all for your entries this year. We really enjoyed them! Please participate next year, everyone. We can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2018.

Thank you for all of your work, craft and creativity.

The Lidar News Team
Happy Solstice

Maser Consulting of Red Bank New Jersey

Name: A Winter Wonderland at Thurlow Dam 

Location: Tallassee, AL

Maser Consulting was tasked to capture accurate as built information on this remote 1920’s Dam structure in Southern Alabama. Maser Consulting decided upon a data merging solution that incorporated UAS LiDAR and Imagery with Static LiDAR to develop Survey CAD files and a host. Site conditions and irregular structure details required an outside the box solution for data acquisition. Maser Consulting decided upon a data merging solution that utilized our Pulse Aerospace Vapor 55 drone, together with a Riegl VUX LiDAR sensor and a variety of digital imagery sensors, Maser Consulting provided UAS & Static LiDAR mapping, a digital ortho-rectified image, oblique imagery, video and CAD mapping files. This project wasn’t performed during an Alabama snow storm but we edited the gradient to look like the blustery day it was onsite. We chose to highlight this project because it was a great example of merging data from multiple technologies and could not have been more successful, a great reason to celebrate the solstice!

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  • Congrats Maser Consulting! Happy to see a winner from the great State of Alabama. Could someone at Lidar News correct the city name in the location, please? This project is actually in Tallassee, Alabama, not Tallahassee, Alabama. Tallahassee is in Florida. Thanks.

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