2018 USIBD Symposium – Key Takeaways from Las Vegas

The much anticipated 2018 USIBD Symposium was held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada along-side the AGC’s BIM Forum.  This was the USIBD’s Fourth Annual Symposium, returning to Vegas once again after its inaugural event was hosted at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino back in 2015.

2018 USIBD Symposium

2018 USIBD Symposium

To me, the first and most obvious change was in the exhibit hall.  A new low partition layout allowed all to see unobstructed across the entire exhibit hall.  Many people I spoke with liked this format, but I did hear one comment saying it made it easier to see who was talking with whom and thus lacked some privacy.  It definitely gave a different feel to the event.

The first day of the 2018 USIBD Symposium kicked off with a track of presentations on the State of the Industry.  Leading off was a presentation by George Broadbent, the Director of Asset Management with Autodesk, talking about the Impact of BIM as an FM Solution.  Other sessions covered more on BIM, reality capture and topics such as promoting a productive workforce.

Perhaps one of the more insightful sessions was the presentation by Josh DeStefano and Kelly Cone, of the USIBD’s Technology Committee, on the trends reported in the USIBD’s most recently published Cornerstone Report.  All eleven of the USIBD’s published Cornerstone Reports are now available for free on the USIBD’s new website at https://usibd.org/resources/

The second day was filled with a number of very informative sessions on the USIBD’s Initiatives.  It began with a forward looking President’s message on what the USIBD is planning.  Most notably was the stated goal of developing a Building Documentation Professional (BDP) certification program as well as how the USIBD is going to be continuing with its new “Meet-up” initiative – basically bringing the USIBD to local communities across the U.S. in a series of intimate hosted events to discuss common challenges we all face in building documentation.

Dr. Bill East, the founder of the COBie standard, was also on hand to present on the topic of the USIBD’s recently announced COBie Certification initiative.  Following Dr. East was a presentation by Ken VanBree, the Chair of the USIBD’s Imagery Subcommittee.  Ken gave a sneak peek into the new Imagery standard that the USIBD is getting ready to release.  The new Imagery document package will be an important download and read for anyone who is involved in any kind of photo documentation of buildings.

Perhaps one of my favorite presentations of the event was by Leica Geosystem’s Brian Smith who shared how the USIBD is helping the industry.  Of specific note was a story he told of the USIBD’s LOA Specification being used on a billion-dollar construction project to help reduce the cost and risk of the bids.

Being on the Symposium’s Planning Committee it always seems like we have plenty of time to plan for the next Symposium.  That is until it blows right by like the rest of the year.  As we enter the fourth quarter of 2018 it seems crazy to already be looking at 2019 and anticipating our next Symposium.  If you were there you saw some amazing presentations by some of the leading professionals in our industry.  If you weren’t able to attend this one, don’t worry, you’ll get another chance in 2019!

By John Russo, USIBD Founder

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