Case Study: Mobile Mapping with FARO Laser Scanner

BAM Infra recorded 3D road models using a FARO terrestrial laser scanner with the innovative BeeMobile mobile mapping system at various locations across the Netherlands.

BAM Infra is part of the BAM group and is active in the domestic market of the Netherlands and other European countries. As a leading and innovative company, BAM is constantly looking for improvements and innovations to optimize business processes.

An essential part of the infrastructure business process within BAM is the geodetic practice in which various specialists use their specialist knowledge to serve both internal and external customers. Traditional equipment such as tachymeters, GNSS receivers, static scanners and drones have been used on a regular basis for the past five years. However, this equipment lacked an important capabulity, namely a mobile scanning system. Until recently, this service was hired externally from various market parties.

BAM Infra scanned part of the area under maintenance in this municipality in 3D using the BEEMOBILE MM system.

Since the introduction of Mobile Mapping (MM) systems, BAM Infra has been looking at the quality, possibilities and feasibility of an MM system within BAM Infra. Until the end of 2019, various MM products were considered and tested; however, high-end solutions from leading brands turned out to be impracticable in terms of investment level or left a lower quality impression. At the end of 2019, the company STORMBEE from Ghent (Belgium) launched an IPO of their innovative BEEMOBILE system. During 2020, this system was tested and evaluated on a number of BAM Infra projects.

BAM Infra recorded 3D road models at various locations across The Netherlands:

  • various locations in the municipality of Almere;
  • various locations / objects in the province of North Holland;
  • the municipality of Amsterdam, Stadhouderskade / Rijksmuseum;
  • Rijkswaterstaat Volkerak Bridge A59-A29, combined with drone measurements, A50, A6, N33;
  • various locations in the provinces of North Brabant and Gelderland.
BEEMOBILE mounted on vehicle

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