CES 2019 – The International Consumer Electronics Show

The center of the lidar, especially the solid state lidar, universe is going to be in Las Vegas, NV, January 8 – 11 for CES 2019.

Photo of Stage at CES 2019

CES 2019

I am starting to get the press releases, already, from the autonomous lidar companies reporting that they have won a pre CES 2019, best-in-show award and we are more than 6 weeks out.

Having attended CES in the late 90’s for a few years it is simply not possible to explain what it is like to attend, if you can call it that, this incredible event. CES says “There is No Experience Like CES.” I think most people will agree with that.

Of course, it all depends on your point of view as to what that actually means. The BIG names, like Microsoft or Panasonic will have booths that are 300 feet wide and more than a 1,000 feet long with all of the glitz and glamour only Vegas can deliver. If you know what I mean.

However, for all you Las Vegas haters this show really brings out the worst of Vegas. It can take two or three light cycles just to cross the street on foot and there are lines for everything, but on the positive side, as you can see below, it is possible to win some money. That is my mentor Frank DeFalco and I with the $5,000 slot pull!!!! The name of the machine was “Stars and Stripes” and if you look close you will see them all lined up on the pay line. I could not believe it when they all stopped spinning – what a feeling.

Image of Slot Machine Not CES 2019

Not CES 2019

Oh, did I mention that the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting is being held in Washington, DC January 13 – 17; don’t forget The World of Concrete, January 22-25, another monster event in Vegas which I will be attending; and last, but not least is ILMF 2019 in Denver, CO January 28 – 30. Some people are going to be living out of their suitcases. What a start for 2019.

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