Comparing Aerial Photogrammetry and 3D Laser Scanning


In the last decade, the evolution in computing power – both in CPUs and GPUs – has allowed the development of photogrammetry software that can turn a set of photos of an object, such as a building, into a 3D model. These software products compete with laser scanners, which are widely used throughout design, construction, and operations of infrastructure assets due to their fast acquisition time and remarkable accuracy.

In this paper, entitled “Comparing Aerial Photogrammetry and 3D Laser Scanning Methods for Creating 3D Models of Complex Objects,” we assess the accuracy of photogrammetry reconstruction by comparing outcomes when capturing and processing various scenes using ContextCapture software [4] and laser scanner-generated point clouds.

Here is the full white paper – ContextCapture_LTR-EN_0316_HR_F


Cyril Novel
Senior Software Engineer
Bentley Systems
Cyril Novel joined Bentley Systems in 2015 and is responsible for developing and updating the company’s ContextCapture reality modeling software. Prior to joining Bentley, Novel was a research and development intern with Acute 3D, which Bentley acquired in 2015. At Acute 3D he was responsible for developing a plane detection algorithm for urban 3D models that creates a nicer visualization of urban scenes for users. Novel holds a BSc from École polytechnique and an MSc with a specialization in computer science from Imperial College, London.

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