Concrete Slab Flatness Visualized with Surfer Mapping Software

This case study demonstrates the ability of Surfer mapping software to provide a highly visual understanding of concrete slab flatness.

The dreaded dead spot. Tormenting professional and recreational players alike, the dead spot can quickly wreak havoc on any indoor gymnasium event whether it is basketball, red rover, or a track event. When dribbled on a smooth surface, a ball typically bounces back quite easily; however, when the ball happens upon a dead spot, the bounce back is either greatly reduced or even changes direction. Dead spots are also noticeable when running across the floor, and the supposedly solid surface is not so solid underfoot. Injuries have been caused by these flooring distortions. Thankfully, the individuals at Mathusek Incorporated, a sports and commercial flooring contractor, have found a way to eliminate these dead spots in their floor installations by utilizing Surfer.

A sports floor is only as good as the concrete slab it rests on. One of the leading causes of a dead spot is the flatness, or lack thereof, of the slab. Prior to installing a gym floor, Mathusek offers a concrete slab assessment. Specifications require the slab tolerance to be no more and no less than 1/8 of an inch in a 10-foot radius. To verify the level, Mathusek establishes a benchmark in the middle of the floor. Readings are then taken every five feet and recorded. Each point is compared to the center benchmark to verify it is within the 1/8” requirement.

Chart of Grid Readings of Concrete Slab Flatness

Grid Readings of Concrete Slab Flatness

The measurement readings are then fed into Surfer mapping software, and a topographic map and 3D surface map is created of the concrete slab. These maps allow installers to quickly locate areas on the concrete slab outside of the 1/8” specification range.

Concrete Slab Flatness via Topo Map

Concrete Slab Flatness via Topo Map

Surface map of Concrete Slab Flatness

Concrete Slab Flatness

By utilizing Surfer’s functionality, Mathusek, Inc. ensures their flooring installations are not impacted by a subpar concrete slab. Additionally, Mathusek has found new revenue streams as they now offer corrective services for concrete slabs that do not meet the flatness specifications. Mathusek customers can rest assured knowing their sports floors are even and free of the dreaded dead spot.

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