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photo of Steve Amor Euclideon Director of Business Development

Steve Amor Euclideon Director of Business Development

Euclideon Director of Business Development Discusses the Addition of a “Freemium” Business Model

Lidar News had the opportunity to interview Steve Amor, Director of Business Development at Euclideon International concerning the recent release of udStream as a free 3D data visualization product.

1. Steve, could you please provide a brief bio and overview of your tenure with Euclideon.

I am an Engineer with qualifications in Electronics and Information Technology. I have spent 20 years working in the mining industry with a particular focus on new technology. I came across Euclideon whilst researching a solution for visualizing “Big Data” and joined the company in 2018. Now I am Director of Business Development and Sales.

2. Can you provide your insights on the development of udStream? In particular, can you explain the key features and how these translate into user benefits?

udStream builds on more than 10 years of development of Euclideon’s expertise in 3D visualization. We have always been leaders in pushing the envelope using point clouds in ways not dreamt by others – for example, historically we developed games and simulations for our Holoverse arcade centres that were based on the udStream Point Cloud rendering technology.

Here are some key features of udStream:

1. Fast loading and rending massive sized 3D data. No more frustration of long wait times for loading and lagging when flying through the data.
2. Easy to create a link from udStream to share the data. No need to download the big size data, but view it directly over the Internet.
3. Useful tools like measurement tool for distance, height, horizontal measurements, viewshed analysis, exporting part of the data, change detection, displacement calculations and more.
4. Integrate IoT feeding into 3D data enables various SMART applications on digital twin, e.g. Smart transportation management, Smart assets and facility management, Smart cities and more.
5. udStream runs on multiple platforms and has minimum requirements for hardware. It can run on desktop, tablet, mobiles, with Windows, MacOS, ubuntu and Android.

3. What were the driving forces for moving to the Freemium business model? What impact did Covid – 19 have on this decision?

Pre-Covid we were already moving towards offering longer “trials” of udStream to allow our customers more time if they wanted to really understand our features but also allow developers to invest sufficient resources to build on our code base to create customized solutions. COVID-19 simply expedited our switch to freemium, as we realized our target users were forced to confront, almost overnight, the massive file data access problem associated with working remotely – which is one of the core problems that udStream is designed to overcome.

Therefore, we made the decision to switch to the Freemium model to give everyone instant access to our rendering solutions. Freemium removes all barriers for SMEs and individuals to use udStream without financial commitment and I am excited to now see what solutions our new users create.

4. Who are the primary target markets for udStream?

We have always had success with GIS teams within the obvious markets such as rail, highways and roads and surveying companies but now we are seeing increased interest from a much wider expanse of industries as the use of 3D scanning technologies explodes.
It should be remembered that “point cloud” is not only generated from LIDAR, but similar collection techniques include SONAR and also potentially from photogrammetry, so anyone who generates, shares, or views these types of 3D data are target markets for us.
In particular, we believe we have a lot to offer those companies who want to be able to share their 3D models easily and cost effectively with customers and the general public. udStream allows anyone to host a model easily/quickly in the cloud and share an access link with anyone they chose. The end-user does not even need to download our desktop client – they can simply view it from a web browser.
To summarize, the primary target markets for udStream are 3D data capturing companies, government organizations with open data, railway, road transportation, mining, AEC, and defense sectors.

Bridge in Japan

5. Can you provide a high level discussion of the competitive products on the market today and how you compare?

Euclideon udStream provides a unique solution that has no limit to the size of the data it can display whilst allowing the user to own, keep and manage their own data and chose where it is stored, whilst working across a wide range of computer platforms and hardware specifications. We do have competitors, but we do not believe anyone else has an all – round solution to ALL of these common problems.
There are products in the market for point cloud rendering from Potree or Pointerra, photogrammetry rendering from Cesium, BIM products from Autodesk, Bentley and more. udStream is doing the best on rending point clouds in terms of speed, capacity, and storage flexibility for users, while we run the best performance on data fusion when you have mixed data to display from point cloud, photogrammetry, and BIM data.

6. Can you discuss issues regarding data security? Is this a major issue for potential users? If so, how is Euclideon addressing this?

Data security depends on the user’s application – some users want to share their data as easily and as widely as possible. For them, accessibility is key and our domain license of udStream is designed for this data publicity purpose.

Other customers have tight data security requirements such as large corporations with extremely strict IT firewalls or our military customers who often have no Internet connectivity at all. We offer offline licenses that are self-managed on a customer’s own private network to ensure the strictest of data security.

Again, udStream is extremely flexible for both with open data and secure data options. Potential users need to carefully consider their data security needs – our solutions team will work with new users to help them setup their security appropriately.

7. Can you discuss data formats and the issue of data interoperability? Are you supporting E57?

udStream is agnostic regarding point cloud file formats – we support all the usual standards such as LAS, LAZ, e57, XYZ, ASC and more. Interestingly, we are beginning to get more and more requests to support file formats from other 3D scanning technologies such as SONAR – which we are adding on a case by case basis. We also support a number of polygon mesh formats such as OBJ, FBX and SLPK – making it easy for our users to combine 3D data from an increasing number of sources.

8. Can you provide any insight on the udStream road map?

Euclideon has many exciting new features that will make udStream even more useful to our potential customers. We have recently simplified and improved our user interface, making it a much easier start-up for initial udStream users.

At the same time, we are working on more advanced tools for specific industries such as rail, roads and underwater – all areas where we already have a good customer base.

We are releasing a revolutionary feature “udPrimitive” in the new version of udStream which will enable rendering unlimited polygons from our uds format, giving users high resolution of photogrammetry and BIM data while keeping the fast render speed of uds. I encourage readers to keep an eye out for future news about this, or reach out to us if you cannot wait.

udStream is releasing a domain license for customers to publicize their data on a website.

Cloud hosting will soon get ready for the market, as we integrate this into our udStream platform – making it even simpler for our users to share models with their own customers.

Editor Note – Thank you Steve for the valuable insights.


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