Maser Consulting is Now Colliers Engineering & Design

The Next Generation of Engineering

Maser Consulting, a national multi-discipline engineering design firm, is pleased to announce the completion of its rebranding as Colliers Engineering & Design. In 2020, Colliers (NASDAQ, TSX: CIGI), a leading global commercial real estate services and investment management firm, acquired a controlling interest in Maser Consulting. The result of this transition is the creation of a unique, first of its kind, business partnership between a real estate investment company and a full-service engineering firm.


Both companies gain value in realizing their growth objectives by expanding their business into new markets, as well as cross-selling services to a combined client base. Colliers’ investment in Maser Consulting further diversifies its revenues while establishing them as a major player in the engineering sector in the US. This resource adds essential high-value engineering and design to their private and public real estate and infrastructure clients. As part of the Colliers world-class organization, Maser Consulting can leverage its size, resources and established infrastructure to the advantage of its clients. 

Maintaining Company Integrity

Perhaps the most interesting benefit of this partnership is Colliers’ unique business model that enables Colliers Engineering & Design to function as a decentralized entity. This keeps the company’s integrity in tact while maintaining its current senior leadership as significant shareholders. By sustaining the same leadership, internal culture, relationships, contracts, and points of contact within the firm, it also promotes the continuity of trust between the company and its clients as well as the company personnel.

“We are proud to be transitioning our longtime brand to Colliers,” said Richard Maser, Colliers Engineering & Design, Chairman. “As an essential part of the Colliers global service offering, our team shares its enterprising culture, partnership philosophy, decentralized management style and access to capital, which has already enabled us to accelerate our growth.”


Founded in 1984, Maser Consulting experienced a long line of successful expansions of its service lines into 13 states through 36 offices nationwide. As it moved strategically into new regions to meet client needs, it became increasingly more difficult to find enough experienced personnel it needed to reach its desired growth goals. Therefore, the only way it could successfully build-out its business to fully service clients was to recruit talent through acquisitions. After more than three decades, Maser Consulting was also positioned to transition its leadership and wanted to ensure it would have the resources to move its company forward.


Colliers was looking to acquire a successful company to partner with that could continue to maintain their business by doing what they do best. Transforming Maser Consulting into Colliers Engineering & Design provided Maser Consulting with another important engine for growth as the next step into the future of their company.

“Whether our client is a real estate owner, institution, government agency, contractor or consultant, our experienced professionals pride themselves on providing creative, customized and collaborative solutions to maximize the potential of client’s projects,” said Kevin L. Haney, PE, President and CEO, Colliers Engineering & Design. “Moving forward, we are excited to leverage Colliers’ well-known and respected global platform, relationships and resources to assist our clients to fully optimize their opportunities and aspirations.”


While Richard Maser is proud of the company he built, he’s even more satisfied knowing that, as it evolves into Colliers Engineering & Design the company is in good hands. Historically, the firm has facilitated leadership through organic growth from within the ranks. To secure the company’s future, Maser had the foresight to pair the ongoing strength of long-time employee Leonardo E. Ponzio, Executive Vice President/CAO with current President/CEO, Kevin L. Haney. Although Maser Consulting’s name will be changing, the quality and consistency of its best-in-class services, systems and dedication to clients will remain unchanged.

“Throughout all the years of keeping this company on track, I never dreamed it would go this far and have such a bright outlook for the future,” explained Maser. “I am confident that, as the engineering arm of Colliers, the company will continue to stay on course for growth according to our strategic plan and remain as a viable industry contender in the future as Colliers Engineering & Design.”

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