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Mobile Mapping Explained

This is the first in of a series of articles from NavVis about mobile mapping for experienced laser scanning professionals looking to make the jump to this new technology.

In its short life, the market for 3D as-built documentation technology has seen considerable innovation. Among the myriad new tools to hit this market, nothing has changed the way we capture buildings as much as mobile mapping devices.

In this article, we’ll explain what a mobile mapper is, talk about how it’s different from a terrestrial laser scanner, and explore the technology that makes these tools possible.

In future installments, we’ll explore and demonstrate the benefits of these tools for as-built workflows, and then talk about the ways these benefits can transform your business and improve your competitive edge.

What is a mobile mapper?

At its simplest level, a mobile mapping device is a laser scanner designed specifically for capturing buildings.

These systems combine a variety of sophisticated hardware sensors and software technologies to take the system off of the tripod, enabling you to capture accurate 3D data as you walk. By doing this, mobile mappers offer laser scanning professionals a faster, more flexible method for documenting large assets and complex environments like factories, work sites, or offices.

Compared to other laser scanning technologies, mobile mapping devices are relatively new, having hit the market only about a decade ago. Though early mobile mappers faced technological challenges that tended to degrade the quality of the data – causing justifiable reluctance about reliability for day-to-day survey work — mobile mapping devices have matured a great deal in recent years.

Today’s best mobile mappers are capable of producing high-quality data suitable for a wide variety of tasks like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and floor plan generation.

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By Sean Higgins

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