President at Skyward Makes Drone Predictions for 2019

Mariah Scott, President at Skyward, a Verizon company is leading a team that is focused on helping enterprises realize the enormous potential of drones.

Photo of Mariah Scott, President at Skyward

Mariah Scott, President at Skyward

Building on its strategy to drive innovation and adoption for IoT (Internet of Things) services in high-growth markets, Verizon purchased Skyward, a private company based in Portland, Oregon in 2017. Skyward brings drone operations management to the Verizon IoT portfolio, simplifying drone operations and management for organizations of any size. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Internationally, companies rely on Skyward for managing operations, improving safety and lowering operating costs. Through this acquisition, businesses small and large will now have a single source for integrating, managing and wirelessly connecting their drone operations – linking all the people, projects and equipment involved into one clear and efficient workflow.

Skyward is focused on supporting large scale drone operations around the world with enterprise-scale software.

For 2019, she predicts that the FAA will implement a requirement for remote identification for all drones, recreational and commercial, flying in the U.S. This is a foundational element of the bigger, more audacious universal traffic management (UTM) project that will enable the most interesting and life-changing drone use cases, from package delivery to aerial taxi services. In order to manage air traffic, pilots, operators, and regulators have to know precisely which vehicles are in the air at any given time. Implementing remote ID will mark a moment when UTM moves out of R&D and becomes something that is actually happening. Globally, we’ll see the foundation of a global registry of pilot registration and identification that, like remote ID, will be another foundational element of a global UTM network.

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President at Skyward, President at Skyward

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