Siteco’s Road-Scanner Surveys Okinawa Island Main Highway for ASCO

Asco Co. Ltd. is a general construction consultant based in Osaka and has been a pioneer of cutting edge 3D surveying technologies, including Laser Mobile Mapping.

Last October, at Intergeo 2014, Mr. Masato Banjo, the CEO of Asco and their technical team were impressed by the Road-Scanner mobile mapping system.  ASCO began analyzing the system features and collecting sample data. An Asco delegation visited Siteco’s offices in Bologna, Italy for a full demonstration of the system.

In early February, ASCO received a request for surveying more than 100 km of roads in the Island of Okinawa in south Japan. The Mobile Mapper system already owned by ASCO did not have the features to meet the specifications requested by the Okinawa road authorities.  This was the opportunity to check the Road-Scanner flexibility and efficiency on the field. The Asco engineers were fully trained throughout the four-day mission and were surprised at the ease of survey operation as well as the data processing.

The survey was successfully completed with desirable results and ASCO decided to place a purchase order for the system. The RoadScanner4 system is currently being deployed throughout Japan.

The Survey Mission:
In only ten days, thanks to the simple packaging and mounting equipment, Road-Scanner was shipped to Okinawa and adapted to the Asco car. The survey was conducted on the national highway crossing the whole island.

Surveyed road map + System Configuration
The Road-Scanner4 configuration included :
•    An IXBLUE LANDINS  Inertial Navigation System
•    A Z+F Profiler 9012  Laser Scanner
•    A spherical Camera LabyBug 5 (6×5 Mpx resolution)

Only two days were needed for post-processing.
The differential correction was carried out with 3 permanent GNSS stations of the national geodetic network. The final trajectory was computed with the Grafnav GNSS software and the IXBLUE Delphins Kalman filter software with the Loosely Coupled algorithm.
The final geodatabase including the trajectories, the Ladybug spherical images and the georeferenced point clouds was exploited with the Road-SIT Survey software, developed by Siteco.
All the data were exported to the proprietary format of the ASCO application used for the mobile mapping data display and management.
Thanks to that, ASCO could produce the final deliveries requested by the local Authorities for the whole highway:
•    Geoferenced movies and point clouds
•    Measurements of the road and roadside assets
•    Cross sections
•    Infrastructure 3D models
•    Digital Surface Model


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