TriLumina Corp. CEO Provides Critical Market Insights

Brian Wong, CEO of TriLumina Corp. explains the five major challenges facing the deployment of lidar in driverless vehicles and how they can be overcome.

Image of TriLumina VCSEL Chip

TriLumina VCSEL Chip

LiDAR technology has gained considerable ground as a viable approach for many applications—interiors and exteriors of automobiles, autonomous vehicles, and drones, to name just a few. However, five challenges stand in the way of advancing conventional LiDAR architectures for use on a mass scale as a cost-effective solution that improves automobile performance and safety, addresses more industrial processes and applications, and adds new functionality and capabilities to consumer products.

The LiDARs being used today in driving trials are very useful for training the AI systems, but will not be deployable in production vehicles due to not meeting size, reliability, and cost requirements. There are new LiDAR systems in development that can meet all the requirements for broad production deployment, but first, let’s review the challenges to overcome.

1. Size
Many of the existing LiDAR systems are bulky rotating units highly visible on the roof of a car. This technology does not meet the size, cost or automotive qualification requirements for OEM mass market deployment. While there are some smaller implementations of rotating LiDAR units that broaden applications in automobiles by allowing multiple units to be embedded into various areas of the car, these units are still too big, or have traded size for performance (resolution and range). Continuing to compress complex rotating machinery into smaller packages or using technologies and components that cannot be further scaled in cost or meet automotive Grade 1 qualification requirements will yield diminishing returns, calling for a fundamental change in technology.

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