USIBD 2015 Recap

Ken Smerz interviewed Ted Mort to get his thoughts on last week’s USIBD 2015 conference in Las Vegas.


What were your expectations going into the event? My only expectation was that the attendees would receive tangible value, it was our number one goal for the event. What we didn’t realize was just how much support and interest we were going to get because of that goal. 

Why was it held in Vegas? Affordable and easy to access for almost everyone. It also allows you to take some personal time by staying through the weekend. At the end of the day it’s Vegas, isn’t that reason enough? 

What sort of companies attended? We saw representation from every imaginable stakeholder in the industry and across a diverse technical spectrum as well. There were Architects, Surveyors, Contractors, Owners, Academia, Media, Software Developers, Hardware Developers and Specialty Service Providers – whew, that got long fast. 

What made this different than other industry events? Several things set it apart in my opinion. First and foremost was the pace, we were able to move through 12 presentations and 2 roundtables in the course of the day. I was really impressed by the speakers ability to really refine their messages and make it feel natural and not rushed. Another thing that set it apart was the diversity. One of our speakers approached me after the event and told me that it was an incredible experience to sit on a roundtable discussion with so many diverse professionals with unique perspectives, especially when they didn’t agree.

What was the environment like? Inclusive, a real sense of community. I paid attention to the conversations that were occurring during the breaks and it seemed like everyone was standing up and engaged with someone new each time. 

Did the event spill over into dinners or late night conversations? The evening before and after the event you could find almost everyone at The Ainsworth – a restaurant and bar right down the hall. I can personally vouch that those dinners and drinks went well into the evening.

What sort of response did you get? Everyone I spoke to was blown away by the event, so say it was a success would be an understatement. Not to say we didn’t have a couple lessons learned, but we’re looking for feedback from attendees right now and will build an even better show next year – that’s right, we’re definitely going to do it again! 

Who should attend this event in the future? Business Owners, Operators and Influencers who’s companies have an interest in the documentation of buildings and structures. That translates to just about everyone in the A/E/C/O community along with the vendors and developers. 

Is there anything you’d wished was covered or had a deeper dive? I’d really be excited about seeing a large, passionate owner group get involved in the round table discussions next year to cover more of the perspective from top down influences. It also seemed that some of the deeper conversations we’re going on during the evening over dinner and drinks. 

If you had to list the 2 biggest reasons it was a success what would they be? Speakers and Attendees, period. 

Why should people come next year? You have to see this format – I couldn’t believe how much high level data was presented in such a consumable way. It’s also a great way to network with contacts that you’d rarely see in the same place. I know that Eco 3d came away with a few new alliances for sure.

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