What Services Are You Selling?


Calling all laser scanning service providers out there!!  Test time!  I need you to answer the following question—and please answer honestly since nobody is going to grade your paper:

What are you selling? Naw, I don’t mean the aerial mapping, laser scanning, modeling, BIM, etc.; I am asking a simple question that everyone on your team should be able to answer quickly—what are you selling?

Don’t read any further—take out a fresh piece of paper and write down the answer to this question:  Why should a client choose your company over another?  Take 5-10 minutes to complete—in fact I challenge you to ask the others in your office to create their own list—but don’t share; not yet.

So, what did you come up with? In most cases you and I have never met, but I’ll bet I’m 90% right on what you wrote down. Here’s what you listed: Quality service; your company’s experience; affordability; newest technology; great customer service; on time delivery; you care; you’re the best in the business; you listen to your customers; you’re different than all the others out there; you’re the experts; and you try harder!

Here’s my question to you:  How is this list any different than a list that would be put together by a moving company; dry cleaners; paint contractor; or a million other service companies? Think about it, your list is transferrable to anyone else out there who is providing a service! Is that what you want? Do you think that’s a scalable proposition? Does that make your company any different than anyone else? NO! You’re the same as my uncle’s moving company. 

Different can B Gr8

Think about what you want to achieve and in what markets. Think about what is important to your client—NOT you. Think about how you’re going to quickly communicate those differences so they are memorable to the end user.

I’d challenge you to circle yourself with several co-workers and dive into the weeds asking yourself “what makes us different?”

Create a list of selling points that are easy for everyone in your company to articulate and that set you apart from the others in your industry while meeting the clients need to solve a set of problems. Each of you will be different based upon your experience; markets; company make-up; etc., but all of you can create this list.

Once you have your ‘why pick me’ list done, then continually hit your client on the head with it. True success is when they can articulate why they chose you for a project! Achieve that, and you’re a rock star.

The next step is to use this list as a benchmark to the evolution of your company. In other words, what you might list today could/should be different a year from now. You should continually evolve your list to stay relevant and to drive your company’s growth.

What you should be selling are things that are important to the END USER & UNIQUE to your company’s competitive position.

Want help? I’m more than happy to have a discussion with you on possible ideas/suggestions. Please contact me at ken@eco3dusa.com

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