Leading Edge Geomatics Leverages LiDAR Technology

Leading Edge Geomatics (LEG) was founded in 2008 in Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada and has quickly grown to be one of the leading 3D mapping firms in North America. Aerial photo of San Juan Puerto Rico (left), Lidar Intensity Image (right). Topo – Bathy data collection. The Early Days Leading Edge Geomatics (LEG) was founded in 2008 in Lincoln, New […]

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ARE-Solidifying ITS Place Within the LiDAR Industry

After receiving his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Dave Anderson entered the professional world of engineering and bridges. This became his passion. Angel Lucero received her B.S. in Business and Finance from California State University-Long Beach. After graduating she started her career in marketing and finance. Soon their professional paths would cross. by Katelyn Wood, Marketing […]

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GPS Week Rollover – There is No Need to Panic

Calendar GPS Week Rollover

What is the GPS Week Rollover and why is it of interest (or concern) to GPS users? This article is being republished with the permission of xyHt Magazine and author Gavin Schrock.  Updated March 7, 2019. Don’t panic, but … GPS typically works so wonderfully for so many uses because, on the surface, it seems as simple as receiving data […]

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3D Historic Preservation and Landscape Architecture – A Powerful Combination

Thomas J. Elmore began his formal education by earning an Associates degree from Colombia-Greene Community College, while living in my hometown of Catskill, NY. As they say, it’s a small world. After going on to earn his BS and MS in Landscape Architecture and  3D Historic Preservation, Thomas J. Elmore began Elmore Design Collaborative, LLC, Historical Landscape Architecture, in 1999. […]

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Complete Mobile Surveying of Amtrak’s New York Penn Station

Amtrak’s New York Penn Station (NYPS) mobile surveying project was one of the first extended mobile LiDAR projects completed underground.  Mobile LiDAR technology was requested to provide a seamless 3D survey data set across the station’s rail infrastructure systems and to locate all visible ancillary features throughout the underground facility where GPS data isn’t available and do so without disrupting […]

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The Making of PX-80: the World’s First Handheld LiDAR Scanner with Color Data

PX-80 Background Paracosm has been at the forefront of SLAM-based 3D-mapping since the company’s founding in 2013. In the ensuing years, they’ve racked up an impressive resume: helping Google develop the dense 3D-mapping engine on the Project Tango smartphone, receiving iRobot’s first corporate VC investment, and most recently being acquired by spatial computing powerhouse Occipital (makers of the Structure Sensor). […]

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BVLOS Drone Flights Improve Operational Economics

photo of drone BVLOS are The Missing Element

The number one issue holding back the drone industry is the inability, in general to fly beyond visual line of sight – BVLOS.  The following is an excerpt from The Economics of BVLOS, a whitepaper—written in partnership with Skylogic Research—that compares traditional inspection methods with VLOS and BVLOS drone operations on the basis of cost, safety, data quality, and time-to-value. […]

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NavVis IndoorViewer converts static scans into immersive 360°

NavVis IndoorViewer now converts static scans into immersive 360° imagery New software feature brings full functionality of IndoorViewer to structured E57 point cloud files NavVis, a leading provider of indoor spatial intelligence technology, can now automatically convert E57 point cloud files into interactive, realistic 360° walkthroughs, following the latest software upgrade to IndoorViewer. NavVis IndoorViewer is a web-based application that displays realistic […]

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Carline Amsing – Younger Geospatial professional

Our next Younger Geospatial Professional Spotlight Interview is with Carline Amsing who is located in the Netherlands. What strikes me is the high level of professional geospatial opportunities that she has been taking advantage of. 1. Please provide a recap of your post high school education and training. Do you have any licenses or certifications? Are you a member of […]

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ILMF and ASPRS Open with Workshops and Keynotes

Logo for Geo Week MAPPS, ILMF and ASPRS

With a very successful MAPPS Winter Meeting winding down, the focus shifted to the opening of the ASPRS Annual meeting and ILMF 2019. From what I saw the joint location of MAPPS, ILMF and ASPRS produced a packed exhibit area with a lot of interaction taking place. The 3D digital mapping community geo-located to Denver, CO this week for three […]

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Aerial Lidar Used to Measure Snow Pack

photo of survey - Aerial Lidar Assists with Snow Pack Depths - A. Harpold

Many Western communities rely on snow from mountain forests as a source of drinking water – but for scientists and water managers, accurately measuring mountain snowpack has long been problematic. Satellite imagery is useful for calculating snow cover across open meadows, but less effective in forested areas, where the tree canopy often obscures the view of conditions below. Now, a […]

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NYPA to Integrate Lidar into its Drone Safety Program

The New York Power Authority – NYPA has received a $125,000 grant from the American Public Power Association (APPA) Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development (DEED) program to research and integrate light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology into its existing in‑house Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) program for vegetation management inspections along NYPA’s transmission lines. UAS, more commonly referred to as […]

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Delair Teams With Trimble Business Center on PPK

image of drone Delair and Trimble Join Forces

TOULOUSE, France – January 16, 2019 – Delair, a leading supplier of commercial drone solutions, today announced interoperability of high-precision data acquired from the Delair UX11 drone with version 5.0 of the Trimble Business Center software. The integration enables geospatial professionals to simply drag and drop Delair UX11 PPK ( post-processed kinematic capabilities) data directly into Trimble Business Center projects. […]

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TriLumina Corp. CEO Provides Critical Market Insights

Brian Wong, CEO of TriLumina Corp. explains the five major challenges facing the deployment of lidar in driverless vehicles and how they can be overcome. LiDAR technology has gained considerable ground as a viable approach for many applications—interiors and exteriors of automobiles, autonomous vehicles, and drones, to name just a few. However, five challenges stand in the way of advancing […]

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