ILMF and ASPRS Open with Workshops and Keynotes

Logo for Geo Week MAPPS, ILMF and ASPRS

With a very successful MAPPS Winter Meeting winding down, the focus shifted to the opening of the ASPRS Annual meeting and ILMF 2019. From what I saw the joint location of MAPPS, ILMF and ASPRS produced a packed exhibit area with a lot of interaction taking place. The 3D digital mapping community geo-located to Denver, CO this week for three […]

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Aerial Lidar Used to Measure Snow Pack

photo of survey - Aerial Lidar Assists with Snow Pack Depths - A. Harpold

Many Western communities rely on snow from mountain forests as a source of drinking water – but for scientists and water managers, accurately measuring mountain snowpack has long been problematic. Satellite imagery is useful for calculating snow cover across open meadows, but less effective in forested areas, where the tree canopy often obscures the view of conditions below. Now, a […]

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NYPA to Integrate Lidar into its Drone Safety Program

The New York Power Authority – NYPA has received a $125,000 grant from the American Public Power Association (APPA) Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Development (DEED) program to research and integrate light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology into its existing in‑house Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) program for vegetation management inspections along NYPA’s transmission lines. UAS, more commonly referred to as […]

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Delair Teams With Trimble Business Center on PPK

image of drone Delair and Trimble Join Forces

TOULOUSE, France – January 16, 2019 – Delair, a leading supplier of commercial drone solutions, today announced interoperability of high-precision data acquired from the Delair UX11 drone with version 5.0 of the Trimble Business Center software. The integration enables geospatial professionals to simply drag and drop Delair UX11 PPK ( post-processed kinematic capabilities) data directly into Trimble Business Center projects. […]

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TriLumina Corp. CEO Provides Critical Market Insights

Brian Wong, CEO of TriLumina Corp. explains the five major challenges facing the deployment of lidar in driverless vehicles and how they can be overcome. LiDAR technology has gained considerable ground as a viable approach for many applications—interiors and exteriors of automobiles, autonomous vehicles, and drones, to name just a few. However, five challenges stand in the way of advancing […]

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Precision Forestry Using Drone Laser Scanning in Japan

The consortium of “Development of Sustainable Smart Precision Forestry Using Laser Scanning Technology” held the second field demonstration meeting in Yamanouchi-city, Nagano prefecture for the further development of “Smart Precision Forestry Technology” on November 15, 2018. Dr. Masato Katoh, Professor, Institute of Mountain Science at Shinshu University, who serves as the principle investigator is undertaking the empirical research for the Japanese […]

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Brett Murphy – Younger Geospatial Professional SPotlight Interview

The next Younger Geospatial Professional Spotlight Interview is with Brett Murphy who is passionate about the great outdoors and the surveying profession. The surveying profession grabbed my attention due to a confluence of factors. Academically I initially pursued aviation, earned a Private Pilot’s License, and then switched directions to GIS & remote sensing as part of a Geography degree. I […]

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BASF Automotive Solutions is Developing Paints that Reflect Lidar

BASF Automotive Solutions is working  on improving lidar detection with near infrared reflective dark automotive paint colors. Lidar is one of the most critical technologies currently available in the drive to develop autonomous cars. Dozens of companies, possibly even more, are racing to improve upon existing lidar so that it’s better able to detect vehicles and pedestrians. What if, instead […]

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President at Skyward Makes Drone Predictions for 2019

Mariah Scott, President at Skyward, a Verizon company is leading a team that is focused on helping enterprises realize the enormous potential of drones. Building on its strategy to drive innovation and adoption for IoT (Internet of Things) services in high-growth markets, Verizon purchased Skyward, a private company based in Portland, Oregon in 2017. Skyward brings drone operations management to the Verizon […]

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Deep Learning-Based Framework for Feature Extraction

This paper by Wen et al., presents a deep learning-based framework for road marking extraction, classification and completion from three-dimensional (3D) mobile laser scanning (MLS) point clouds. Road markings play a critical role in road traffic safety and are one of the most important elements for guiding autonomous vehicles (AVs). High-Definition (HD) maps with accurate road marking information are very […]

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TRB 2019 – The Center of the Transportation Universe

Image of presenter at TRB 2019

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual Meeting – TRB 2019 will be held January 13–17, 2019, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Washington, D.C. The information-packed program is expected to attract more than 13,000 transportation professionals from around the world. Autonomous vehicles and lidar are certain to be a major topic of discussion. The meeting program will […]

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Measuring Forests in 3D Provides Greater Accuracy

Measuring forests in the U.S. with 3D laser scanning indicates they may have significantly more carbon than previously thought. In a recent article by A.E.L. Stovall in Science Trends he reports that terrestrial laser scanning is providing more accurate estimates of tree biomass. A new method found 25% more carbon in trees than the traditional approach The good news is […]

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Airborne Lidar – Discrete Return or Full Waveform?

image of plane collecting Airborne Lidar

This paper from 2011 provides an excellent treatment of the difference between discrete return airborne lidar and full waveform digital signal processing. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Discrete return (DR) airborne lidar systems can record 4 returns Full waveform (FW) can record an unlimited number in theory Some systems provide both sensors DR is catching up to FW Excerpts […]

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3D Laser Scanning Standards and Guidelines from Caltrans

logo of Caltrans Develops 3D Laser Scanning Standards

3D laser scanning standards and specifications for Caltrans applications were developed to promote large-scale deployment of this technology into Caltrans day-to-day survey operations. This report documents the AHMCT research project, “Creating Standards and Specifications for the Use of Laser Scanning in Caltrans Projects.” DOTs and private contractors have used laser scanning in highway survey applications and found that it reduces […]

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