Phoenix Systems at Commercial UAV Expo 2018


Phoenix Systems at UAV Expo 2018 Visit the global leader in commercial LiDAR solutions Phoenix LiDAR Systems at booth 207 for a hands-on look at its wide range of LiDAR products, plus a sneak peek at new product releases. The Southern CA-based commercial LiDAR pioneer specializes in custom, survey-grade mapping solutions to fit your surveying needs — whether by air, […]

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Bio-indicator Lidar

A research scientist at NASA Goddard has developed a lidar-based sensor technology that can detect organic compounds which would be an indicator of life as we know it, now or in the past. Once on another planet, the device…Read More at In The Scan

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Lidar Data Processing

This practical, one hour video (produced by Esri) provides an excellent overview of how to make use of lidar data to solve geospatial problems such as creating intensity images, developing DEMs and DSMs and estimating tree height and density…Head over to In The Scan to watch the video

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