Lidar News, the Home of the Lidar Industry is all about 3D laser scanning and lidar, along with a number of related technologies such as unmanned aerial systems – UASs and photogrammetry. We strive to provide our readers and sponsors with the most current information and opportunities, worldwide, concerning this rapidly growing ecosystem.

The Lidar News team likes to focus on the application of technology to solve 3D problems. We don’t just want to be about technology for the sake of selling technology and services. Rather we want to help people to better understand how that technology can be used to create value for both providers and consumers.

We are also very interested in promoting the growth of the industry in a professional sense as well as the development and use of standards, such as ASTM E57. As the Built Environment (what some refer to as AEC) transitions over this decade from 2D to 3D and from paper plans to 3D models the demand for lidar and laser scanning is certain to continue its double digit growth.

When we no longer have to explain what 3D laser scanning is and what lidar stands for then we will have arrived. Lidar News will be there to support you along this journey.


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