3DUserNet launches VISION – Portal for all Survey Data

3DUserNet launches VISION – The Complete Online Viewing and Collaboration Portal for all Survey Data

3DUserNet has added online viewing and tools for Imagery, 360 Panoramics, Textured Meshes, Orthographics, Mapping and Documentation, to its existing Point Cloud and Model capability in a major new product launch. 

3DUserNetVISION offers the most comprehensive, highest quality streaming and online work platform for all 3D and 2D survey data outputs, together with job collaboration features and flexible Modular licensing for Unlimited Users

Serving the Needs of the New Survey World, on Land, in the Air, under & on the Water

Streaming all data collected and processed from Airborne Lidar and Photogrammetry, Mobile and Terrestrial instruments, Vessels, ROVs and AUVs, together with Models and Line Work, VISION enables you to integrate all this data in a single viewer; together with online tools for Inspections, Monitoring, Asset Management, and one off survey tasks; and collaboration features to create deliverables and run projects of all scales and lengths online.

“We want to offer customers their own branded survey data portal, negating the need to invest in building their own, and independent of any hardware or processing software” says 3DUserNet CEO Paul Snudden “ It’s all about getting great survey data to customers and stakeholders as quickly as possible, looking as good as possible on any device and getting discussion and actions going immediately to dramatically increase efficiency”

Build Your Own Branded Portal to Suit Your Business

Not every business will have the need to stream all the different data types. So you buy a Core Module to upload and work on point clouds, models, documents and maps, with all the tools for measurements, profiles, crop boxes, annotations, and sharing.  

Get the total picture on multi-sensor projects

Then you can add the Image Module for streaming and working on geolocated, oriented and un-oriented Images and 360 Panoramics. 

And if you want to stream and work on Hi-Res Textured Meshes, output from the likes of Reality Capture, Pix 4D and Context Capture, the Mesh Module can enable you to bring those in and integrate with Point Clouds or use on its own as base data for overlaying measurements and images.

Unlimited Users in Project UserNets Drives Increased Efficiency

‘A major block to effective use and project collaboration on the great data being collected, is limiting the number of users allowed to access it. This just isn’t what the whole concept of cloud platforms and easy collaboration is all about’ says Snudden, “Our project UserNets enable as many users as you want to access the data for that project, and you control what each user can do with it”

As you add contracts for projects you simply add another UserNet to include your own and your customers’ team members and give each the relevant permissions.

Relentless focus on the right tools for specific sector deliverables

After the effort you have put in to creating great datasets, of course you to be able to create the best possible deliverables whatever your task for Inspections, Monitoring, Asset Management and one off Measurement Surveys.

We have many tools to create your data deliverable to suit the data and the project. In our Core Module for example, along with a full measurement and annotation suite, there is a customisable height ramp for Hydrographic Surveys 

In our Image module we have developed options for choosing and viewing Inspection UAV images on the Point Cloud, Model or Mesh, being able to focus right down in high resolution, to the smallest detail in the image and to Mark Up and Annotate, for rapid assessment and sharing with project teams.

And the ability to stream and place Orthographic photos onto maps or satellite view and to measure direct from that, gives perfect contextual view for large area projects.

“We have set out to provide the best possible online platform, with huge amounts of input from many of our current and future customers” says Snudden “but there is so much more we have in the pipeline to keep improving and we look forward to continuing our engagement with customers to add features they want in the future”


Our lead VISION customers and partners

We would like to thank Plowman Craven, Port of London Authority, Quarry Design/DroneSurv, Team UAV, Prospaplan, The Scan Station, Ultrabeam Hydrographic , 360 Group, UAV 365, SEP Hydro, Total Hydrographic (Aus) and Skel (Germany) who have been superb with their input into the development along the way. We have also welcomed the support of Epic Games – Reality Capture and Gexcel.

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