Advanced INS Set-Up for GNSS Urban Environments – webinar

Advanced INS Set-Up for Challenging GNSS Urban Environments
Using an INS in challenging urban environments can prove difficult but there are ways to ensure your results aren’t impacted. Here we explain…

Using an Inertial Navigation System in a difficult environment, such as an urban canyon, can be a challenge. However,¬†there are a number of ways to ensure you’re getting the best possible data from your survey run.

Join OxTS Senior Support Engineer, Sam Souliman on Wednesday, 17th June at 15:15 (BST) as he delves deeper into some of the ways an OxTS Inertial Navigation System can help overcome these challenges.

During the webinar Sam will discuss the…

  • Importance of GNSS related settings including – GNSS weighting, GNSS control mode and GNSS recovery
  • Use of SBAS, NTRIP and RINEX corrections
  • Importance of advanced slip settings
  • Use of WSS aiding and generic aiding
  • Importance of accurate configuration and tight tolerances
  • Importance of tracking multiple GNSS constellations
  • Use of altitude reference

The webinar will be recorded and a copy sent out to registrants.

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