Airborne Technologies proudly announces – Europe is arming up!

 FLIR Star Safire 380 HD in rear hatch

Airborne Technologies proudly announces that they have handed over the next leading-edge surveillance platform to one of Europe´s police forces.The upgrade of an AW109 of the Bulgarian Border Guard has been a FRONTEX funded project. Airborne Technologies has equipped the helicopter with a FLIR Star Safire 380 HD EO/IR camera, an ECS Line of Sight Downlink and a payload friendly carbon fibre tactical workstation. Airborne Technologies’ Mission System Airborne LINX completes the integration and guarantees a smooth and easy-to-handle interplay of the sensors on board the helicopter.

 Carbon Fibre Tactical workstation on a special plate for easy removal.

Since the release of Airborne LINX, more and more European Police Forces have integrated this capability into their fleets and have joined the club of the best equipped police forces in Europe.

Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies, said: “We are proud that Airborne LINX is on duty with Europe´s Police Forces. With the Bulgarian Border Guard, yet another European authority trusts our experience and our innovative solutions. In the meantime, more and more aircraft – rotary and fixed wing – with our surveillance technology on board are on duty for numerous police and military forces all over Europe.”

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