Alliance of Tropical Forest Mappers

A new international Alliance of companies makes forest mapping expertise more accessible across the tropics.


Four expert survey companies have come together to become the world’s first pan-tropical forest mapping alliance.This ambitious venture will improve access to expert forest mappers throughout the tropics thanks to a groundbreaking memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Carbomap, a specialist forest mapping company, and three airborne survey companies that cover South America (CM Engineering), Africa (Africa Precision) and Asia (GeoIndo).

The MoU formalises the ongoing collaboration between these four companies. This alliance now provides Carbomap the ability to service customers with airborne mapping solutions throughout the tropics, and simultaneously allows CM Engineering, Africa Precision and GeoIndo to provide detailed forest analysis for their local clients.

Carbomap CEO Iain Woodhouse said: “This Alliance marks a new stage in Carbomap’s ambitions to provide specialised forest mapping services worldwide. The international reach of the Alliance means that we can now arrange airborne surveys across the tropical zone. Carbomap are experts in planning surveys and processing data for forest metrics, whereas the CM Engineering, GeoIndo and Africa Precision are experienced airborne survey companies.”

The memorandum of understanding creates the Alliance of Tropical Forest Mappers. It ensures that the Alliance members can effectively engage in collaborative bidding, training and sharing of expertise.

This latest memorandum of understanding ensures access to a network of experts with the broadest range of specialised knowledge in planning, executing and analysing airborne forest surveys. This will enable rapid data collection missions to be conducted, using regionally based data providers, for aerial photography and airborne Lidar.

To work with the ATFM on any of your forest mapping needs, or if you would like to join the Alliance as a new partner, please email


Carbomap is a forest mapping company that is known world-wide for its expertise in collecting, analysing and interpreting remote sensing data over forests. They specialise in the analysis of Lidar and radar data for forest metrics such as tree density, canopy height, forest biomass, fire risk and forest carbon.

Based out of Suriname and French Guyana, CM Engineering has been a leading firm of Land Surveyors and Geospatial Engineers since 2009. CM Engineering operates an RIEGL LMS-Q780  LiDAR system for surveys.   This system, with its 400 kHz airborne laser terrain mapper and high altitude capability is ideal for our tropical conditions offering a range of options from high accuracy surveys to corridor mapping to larger area surveys.

Established in 1994 with offices in Bandung, Jakarta and Borneo, GeoIndo is an Indonesian company with more than 10 years experience throughout Indonesia and overseas. They can provide survey and CAD/GIS services and have flown airborne and hyperspectral imagery for forestry clients. They typically operate two Optech airborne laserscanners, ALTM-1020 & ALTM-2033, both of which are capable of recording a very dense grid of height points on the ground surface beneath the aircraft at a rate of 5,000 and 33,000 individual height points per second respectively.

Africa Precision is a subsidiary of Merrett Survey Limited (a leading global survey company based in the UK) and have already delivered airborne survey and Lidar services in 59 countries, including Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique.


For further information about this story, contact Iain Woodhouse, 07887 551 724

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