Australia’s Total Hydro sees the power of data..

Australia’s Total Hydro sees the power of data integration on 3DUserNetVISION

Hydro data

Hydrographic Survey is possibly the sector where demands for integration of point cloud and image data from different sensors and software are greatest.

An understanding of a whole location, both above and below the water, is crucial in many projects that our friends at companies such as Port of London Authority and Total Hydro in Australia are being asked to deliver.

Expanding on their skills in Hydrographic MBES, to include Terrestrial and Mobile LIDAR and even Drone Survey, is just one of the ways they have responded successfully.

The other challenge is integrating this data into a single location view, to work on and share with a project team. This is where 3DUserNetVISION comes into its own. We are totally independent, so you can upload data from any sensor or software and blend them simply into a single online view. Then we have tools for creating relevant deliverables and sharing and collaborating, all online Of course this applies to any multi-sensor project not just Hydrographic based surveys!!! 

Mapped using both MBES and Mobile Laser Scanner by Total Hydro this 30 km stretch of River is delivered as a single view both below and above the surface.

Tim Williams – Principal Hydrographer – Total Hydro
3DUserNetVISION has changed the way we deliver data to our clients.  Previously the common deliverable was a 2D PDF plan that presented only a miniscule amount of the data that we actually captured.  Now with 3DUsernetVISION we can deliver the millions of survey observations that we capture in the field.  The client can engage with the data and extract valuable information with a few button clicks. 


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