AutoSens Names Continental HRL131, Powered..

AutoSens Names Continental HRL131, Powered by AEye Technology, Industry’s Best Lidar Sensor

AEye and Continental Selected by AutoSens Panel of Automotive Industry Luminaries for Lidar Leadership in Developing Groundbreaking ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Product

AutoSens Continental HRL131

DUBLIN, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIDR), a global leader in adaptive, high-performance lidar solutions, today announced that AutoSens has named Continental’s HRL131 long-range lidar sensor, built on AEye’s 4Sight Intelligent Sensing Platform, the Lidar Development of the Year. AutoSens is the world’s leading conference for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), automotive safety systems, and autonomous vehicle technology development. The prestigious AutoSens award recognizes the best lidar sensor, processor, or other innovation that will further autonomous vehicle development. Continental and AEye were also recognized by AutoSens as 20/20 visionaries for their joint development of the HRL131 product.

“Together with AEye, we’ve created a groundbreaking product that supports Continental’s goal of Vision Zero: a goal for a future with zero fatalities, zero injuries, and zero crashes”Tweet this

The HRL131 is on track to be the first high-resolution, solid-state, long-range lidar sensor in the world to enter series production in the automotive market, joining Continental’s automotive grade short-range lidar, the HFL110, which is now in series production.

AEye’s reference architecture and licensing model allows Continental to leverage AEye’s 4Sight lidar platform to design and manufacture the HRL131 for automotive series production. The long-range, high-performance HRL131 is an essential component in Continental’s full stack automotive-grade system for Level 2 to Level 4 automated and autonomous driving applications. The HRL131 complements radar, camera and ultrasonic technologies in Continental’s sensor suite, and enables a reliable and redundant Automated Driving platform that can handle complex, diverse traffic scenarios and adverse weather conditions.

Lidar Development of the Year

AEye and Continental jointly developed the HRL131, a unique high-performance, long-range lidar sensor produced by Continental, and based on AEye’s patented adaptive reference architecture. The HRL131 is a software-definable hardware unit for passenger and commercial vehicles that can dynamically adjusts its scan pattern to the optimal setting for any automated driving application – including highway driving or dense urban environments, and in adverse weather conditions, such as direct sun, night, rain, snow, fog, dust, or smoke. Featuring a range exceeding 500 meters, the HRL131 has the ability to detect vehicles at more than 300 meters and pedestrians at more than 200 meters; the HRL131 is a commercialized product slated for mass production in 2024.

“Together with AEye, we’ve created a groundbreaking product that supports Continental’s goal of Vision Zero: a goal for a future with zero fatalities, zero injuries, and zero crashes,” said Gunnar Juergens, Head of Product Line LiDAR at Continental. “By combining high dynamic spatial resolution with long-range detection and software-definability, the HRL131 long-range lidar sensor can handle the most difficult, dynamic environments for autonomous driving – from high-speed highway scenarios to densely packed urban roads – making it a critical component to enable the future of autonomous mobility.”

“Unlike mechanical lidar scanners, the HRL131 allows vehicle manufacturers to easily optimize the hardware field of view and resolution depending on the use cases,” said Jordan Greene, General Manager of Automotive at AEye. “These customized performance modes enable one sensor to operate in multiple environments under various driving conditions while maintaining optimal size, weight, power, and cost profile. This is revolutionary in the automotive industry and will play a significant role in the advancement of safer, reliable vehicle autonomy.”

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