AV on 257 mile fully automated historic highway drive

Vueron takes AV on 257 mile fully automated historic highway drive with one LiDAR sensor

The Challenge…. Long distance highway drive using only 1 LiDAR for complete control of AV


Renowned for its cutting-edge LiDAR perception software technology, Vueron Technology received one of the few self-driving permits issued by the South Korean government in January of this year. Following receipt of the permit, Vueron executed a 414-kilometer (257 miles), fully automated, LIDAR-only drive from the capital city of Seoul to the southern port city of Busan, at a maximum speed of 100 km/hr. The mandated safety driver did not hold the steering wheel at any time during the full five hours of the historic drive (No camera, no radar, no GPS or HD map is used.)

About Vueron Technology………

On a mission to make people safe by providing the best LiDAR solution, Vueron, founded in 2019, provides cutting-edge LiDAR perception software for ADAS, autonomous vehicles, pedestrian safety, industrial safety and security systems. Vueron’s AI-based algorithms have enabled a high performance, stable and practical perception software to identify all objects around the sensor using very low compute resources. Vueron’s engineering team is high experienced in Lidar technology, data, AI and embedded. Partnered with automotive OEMs, Tier-1s and other industry players, Vueron has developed practical LiDAR perception solutions to meet clients’ requirements.

The Vueron Technology Advantage…..

Safety Detection of all objects; car, commercial vehicles, cyclist, pedestrians, randomly shaped objects. 

Low resources & power consumption Perception software was written and optimized for AV & ADAS applications. We can deploy to automotive chips. Renesas R-car H3, TI TDA4M.

Embedded FriendlyCan provide the software on any embedded platform

Strong Autonomous Technology ADAS, AV, truck platooning, robotics, autonomous ship, UGV and pedestrian safety

For more information,  http://vueron.org/  Gary Walkup, Vueron Technology USA Inc. garywalkup@vueron.org   +1 650-391-3032


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