Bentley Institute Press Announces A Leadership Short Course

Bentley Institute Press Announces Availability of Infrastructure Digital Twins: A Leadership Short Course – Volume 1: Getting to Know iTwins

Infrastructure Digital Twins: A Leadership Short Course – Volume 1: Getting to Know iTwins is available now at

EXTON, Pa. – August 27, 2020 – Bentley Institute Press, publisher of cutting-edge textbooks and professional reference works for the advancement of the engineering, architectural, construction, operations, geospatial, and educational communities, has announced the availability of a new publication titled Infrastructure Digital Twins: A Leadership Short Course – Volume 1: Getting to Know iTwins, now available in print at, and as an e-book at Kindle, and Apple Books.

Vinayak Trivedi, vice president and global head of Bentley Institute, said, “We are pleased to offer this first publication on infrastructure digital twins from Bentley Institute Press authored by Dan Raker, veteran CAD industry visionary and author/publisher of many titles including INSIDE MicroStation and MicroStation Manager Magazine. This slim, power-packed publication is a part of a broader digital-twin curriculum, which the Bentley Institute team is developing to help you get started with your infrastructure digital twins. Like all titles in the Bentley Institute Press portfolio, this publication aims to deliver continuous learning to practitioners in infrastructure professions to upgrade their technical skills and support their going digital initiatives.”

Infrastructure Digital Twins: A Leadership Short Course delivers an executive overview for leaders to understand and master the fundamental concepts necessary to drive their organizations’ digital transformation.

Volume 1: Getting to Know iTwins: explains key definitions while establishing the confluence of tools compelling technical, organizational, and personnel adaptation disrupting the AECO industry.

Volume 2: iTwins in Action (Available in Quarter 4 of 2020) reveals use cases yielding huge cost savings and additional business opportunities through iTwin application of data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and digital transformation of infrastructure construction and operations.

Both volumes educate leaders with an easily readable mix of powerful business language with the technical jargon enabling subject mastery for leadership direction.

The use of digital twins in infrastructure is giving weight to the idea that data is the new infrastructure. New and veteran infrastructure professionals understand the importance of bringing the built environment to life. With the marriage of design intent with ongoing infrastructure operations, digital twins enable executive-level insight, improved asset performance, and more sustainable environmental outcomes.

Author Dan Raker said, “As the world faces unprecedented need for new and refreshed infrastructure, implementing digital twins offers the greatest single impact for improving infrastructure’s responsiveness while radically cutting environmental impact and cost. This book explains how and puts leaders in the driver’s seat to steer their organization’s digital twin transformation.”

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