Beta GEOID18 Model Released for Public Comment

NGS will replace GEOID12B with GEOID18 in mid-2019. GEOID18 will be the last hybrid geoid model that NGS will create before NAVD 88 is replaced by the North American-Pacific Geopotential Datum of 2022 (NAPGD2022). Beta GEOID18 is now available for review.

Map of Beta GEOID18 Released

Beta GEOID18 Released

Hybrid geoid models convert NAD 83 ellipsoid heights to NAVD 88 orthometric heights by constraining a gravimetric geoid model to published or shared orthometric heights at bench marks. Specifically, GEOID18 is intended for use with coordinates in the NAD 83 (2011) reference frame.

GEOID18 only covers CONUS, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Users in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and CNMI should continue to use GEOID12B.

GEOID18 Improvements

The majority of the signal in this hybrid geoid model comes from the GPS on Bench Marks (GPSonBM) data pinning the model to the surface of NAVD 88, but there are also improvements in the underlying gravimetric geoid model. These improvements include:

            • better elevation data and improved digital elevation modeling techniques,
            • new gravity data from satellite gravity missions,
            • new airborne gravity data from the NGS GRAV-D program, and
            • improved geoid modeling techniques.

These additional improvements will be realized more directly in the future when NGS switches to a purely gravimetric geoid model with the new datums in 2022.

Learn More

View the recording of the February 28th NGS webinar on this topic:
• “GEOID18 Improvements and a Look Ahead.”

Beta Release

NGS often releases new or improved products to BETA for external testing and feedback.

Please note: You should only use BETA to test workflows and provide feedback. Output (e.g., coordinates) from a BETA tool should never be used for official or production work.

NGS always welcomes feedback about its products and services. Email with suggestions at anytime.

Send Your Feedback on Beta GEOID18

The BETA GEOID18 products are now available for testing. Visit the following web-pages:


In the next few weeks, BETA GEOID18 will be integrated into BETA OPUS products and an online webmap will be made available to further explore the data used to make the model.


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