BMW Selects Innoviz Technologies’ LiDAR Sensors and Computer Vision Software for 2021 Autonomous Vehicles Series Production

We are pleased to announce that BMW, a leading provider of premium automobiles and one of the most innovative automakers in the autonomous vehicle revolution, has selected our LiDAR solution for series production of its vehicles, starting in 2021. BMW selected InnovizOne for its unique solid-state, MEMS-based design, as well as for our advanced computer vision capabilities for object detection and classification necessary for Levels 3 – 5 of autonomous driving.

Please refer to the Q&A below for more details.

What is the significance of this news to the industry at large?

This is one of the first design contracts within the automotive industry to feature solid-state LiDAR — proving that Innoviz has set the gold standard within the LiDAR market for performance, safety, reliability and price and setting industry standards for LiDAR integration in series production vehicles.

This is the strongest indication yet that solid-state LiDAR is the winner over mechanical spinning and other types of LiDAR technology, as it is one of the first design contracts within the automotive industry to feature solid-state LiDAR.

Also, this announcement is further proof that the industry is on track for series production of autonomous vehicles by 2021, with advanced, automotive-grade LiDAR available to help Levels 3 – 5 autonomous cars “see” their surroundings.

Why did BMW select Innoviz’s LiDAR over competing solutions?

Our LiDAR technology uses proprietary System, MEMs and Detector designs to deliver superior sensing capabilities, even in challenging environments such as bright direct sunlight, varying weather conditions and multi-LiDAR environments.

There were several reasons why BMW chose Innoviz, including:

  • Performance: InnovizOne offers high angular resolution, high frame rate and an extra long detection range
  • Size: InnovizOne features an exceptionally small footprint of 60 X 120 X 105 mm (HXWXD)
  • Reliability: Solid-state, automotive-grade design drives long life expectancy
  • Low Price: InnovizOne, our automotive-grade LiDAR for levels 3 – 5 of autonomous driving, will cost in the hundreds of dollars, depending on volume. Meanwhile, InnovizPro, our stand-alone LiDAR for testing and development of autonomous vehicles, costs in the single-digit thousands of dollars.
  • Product Maturity: Our stand-alone LiDAR, InnovizPro, is available now. Our built-in automotive-grade LiDAR, InnovizOne, will be available in 2019.
  • Safety: Innoviz’s technology meets performance requirements of leading OEMs to ensure L3-L5 safety.

Another important factor in BMW’s decision was our advanced computer vision capabilities, as we provide a complete computer vision software stack that leverages deep learning and a critical algorithmic layer to turn 3D vision into critical driving insights.

Can you describe the collaboration on this design win between Innoviz and Magna?

Innoviz is responsible for the entire design, manufacturing and testing of the LiDAR, from the individual components level to the overall LiDAR product.

In addition, Innoviz is responsible and is providing the entire advanced computer vision software stack, such as object detection, tracking, classification as well as other functions used for autonomous driving insights and decisions.

Magna is overseeing the integration with BMW and the testing.

Tell us about Innoviz’s Computer Vision software and why it’s important.

Aside from LiDAR hardware, Innoviz is developing the software layer that uses our LiDAR information to provide object detection and classification such as people, cars, trucks, bikes, driveable area, lane marking etc. Innoviz Computer Vision is a LiDAR point cloud data-based computer vision product that Innoviz developed in order to provide our customers a better and faster development process of autonomous capabilities. We use unique attributes generated by Innoviz’s LiDAR sensor, harnessed by Innoviz Computer Vision division, to deliver scene perception, calibration, mapping and localization tools for our customers. Innoviz Computer Vision is designed tailored to our sensor’s unique capabilities, therefore it provides an advantage over CV that is applied on other LiDARs. The LiDAR provides different attributes besides the depth information that gives Innoviz’s technology an edge over traditional approaches.

What is Magna’s role in this partnership?

Our LiDAR will be integrated into BMW vehicles through Magna’s autonomous driving system.

How does Innoviz plan to ramp up production to satisfy BMW’s needs?

Our current production site in Haifa, Israel, has the capability to produce a few thousand devices per month and is flexible to adjust to higher scale rather fast. We are also planning to open a second production line in China starting in Q1 2019, allowing for even faster scale.

What does Innoviz CEO Omer Keilaf have to say about the design win?

“BMW is setting the gold standard for safety and reliability in autonomous vehicles, and their vote of confidence in our LiDAR demonstrates how reliable our technology is,” said Omer Keilaf, co-founder and CEO of Innoviz. “The team has worked hard in the last year in order to meet all of BMW’s requirements, implementing the industrialization, quality and validation plans, and functional safety. We are proud to partner with a market leader like BMW to help enable the autonomous car revolution.”

Who is Innoviz?

Innoviz is a leading provider of cutting-edge LiDAR remote sensing solutions to enable the mass commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Founded in early 2016 and backed by US$82 million in funding, Innoviz has moved from research and development to mass production with unprecedented speed, becoming one of the first LiDAR providers to deliver a complete product to market. With more than 150 employees worldwide, Innoviz has signed strategic partnerships to manufacture as well as integrate its LiDAR into the autonomous driving systems of market leaders and Tier-1 suppliers. Innoviz is backed by strategic partners and top-tier investors including Aptiv (Delphi), Magna International, Samsung Catalyst, SoftBank Ventures Korea, 360 Capital Partners, Glory Ventures, Naver and others.

How is your team uniquely qualified to be developing HW & SW in this space?

The expertise that goes into our innovative LiDAR solution originates from several technical disciplines, optics, communications, computer vision, MEMS, digital signal processing and others. We have gathered some of the leading experts in all those fields.The majority of our team members have served in the elite technological unit of the Intelligence Corps of the Israel Defense Forces, where they developed complex systems that were on the cutting edge of these technical disciplines.

What are your goals for the company? What does the product roadmap look like?

We are looking to create a very large, very successful, very sustainable business. LiDAR for autonomous vehicles is just the first step. We are also adding a lot of value in areas of computer vision, HD mapping, SLAM, and more, we can deliver the entire autonomous driving stack. Beyond that, our LiDAR technology can also apply to additional market applications in need of advanced sensing technology, such as mapping, fleets & robotaxis, security and surveillance, industrial automation, logistics and more. Right now our focus is on the automotive industry, but we haven’t ruled out other areas for future development.

What is your current size, growth going forward?

Founded in early 2016 and backed by US$82 million in funding, Innoviz is one of the first LiDAR providers to deliver a complete product to market. Innoviz team is over 150 employees worldwide with renowned expertise in various fields such as optics, system, MEMS, computer vision and more. We are located in Israel but expanding globally, with offices already in Silicon Valley, US and plans to open additional offices in Germany and Japan in 2018.

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