Censys Technologies – Takeoff on Sentaero Tour 4 ..

Censys Technologies Set to Takeoff on Sentaero Tour 4

Nationwide tour to showcase the Sentaero drone family of products and gather insight from UAS operators.

[DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., Date ] – Censys Technologies is launching Sentaero Tour 4, a nationwide demonstration of the capable Sentaero drone family, Mobile Command Center, Sentaero V, CensWise and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) assistance. This provides an opportunity for unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operators to see the products capability and provide in the field feedback for product improvement.

Censys Technologies Sentaero Tour 4 (ST4) begins on May 1, visiting various cities across the country, including:

  • Denver ,CO | May 9-12
  • Phoenix, AZ | May 16-19
  • Mountain House, CA | May 23-26
  • Pendleton, OR | May 30- June 2
  • Williston, ND | June 6-9
  • Nashville, TN | June 20-23
  • Summit Point, WV | June 27-30
  • Daytona Beach, FL | July 10-14

On-site demos will include:

  • Sentourion Mobile Command Center
  • Sentaero V.
  • Flight planning, pre-flight, takeoff and breakdown
  • Data Set showcase
  • CensWise Software Introduction

Sentaero Tour started out as a delivery. “We were delivering a customer’s commercial drone to Pennsylvania and decided to make the most of it by making a few stops to meet with UAS operators. The static parking lot demos turned out to bring value to the attendees and us as the OEM” said Co-Founder and CEO, Trevor Perrott.

Due to popular demand, a fourth Sentaero Tour is in progress.

“We are excited for ST4 because of the launch of Sentaero V., which has upgraded operational capabilities, improved user interface and additional regulatory allowance” said Co-Founder and CTO, John Lobdell. 

Censys Technology Corporation builds remote sensing solutions for UAS providers, enterprise organizations and government agencies. Sentaero advanced commercial drone technology is used in industries including agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, disaster relief and public safety to enhance safety and efficiency.

  • Utility: Sentaero suite imporves safety of inspection while improving quality, accuracty and costs for companies. Conduct BVLOS linear inspection, assess damage remotely and check for line encroachment with our wide variety of payloads.
  • Mapping & Surveilling: Capture over 600 acres of data in a single flight, with Sentaero V. and up to two square miles of data with a 2cm ground sampling distance with a high altitude waiver — saving hours and days for projects.
  • Public Safety: Mobile command centers and commercial drones can aid in search and rescue, event monitoring, mapping and planning, criminal pursuit, scene documentation, disaster management and more. This can help perform surveillance at distance, in difficult terrains or when it’s potentially dangerous to send in crews.
  • Agriculture: Sentaero commercial drones can cover around 400 acres an hour by drawing grids and letting the system execute the flight plan. Uses include crop health mapping, water and fertilizer management, disease identification, weed detection, terrain modeling and leak scouting.

To learn more about Censys Technologies and the Sentaero suite of products, visit https://censystech.com/.


Adam Zirkelbach


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