Cintoo Cloud 2.0: now everything changes


With more than 10,000 scans already uploaded to the Cintoo Cloud platform from customers worldwide, Cintoo Cloud is steadily gaining momentum in the AEC market. For the release of Cintoo Cloud 2.0, a range of new technology and service initiatives have been put in place for 2019 to make Cintoo Cloud the singular choice for customers wanting to achieve high efficiency and maximize the ROI of their laser scanning investments.  

New 2019 services and pricing
Cintoo has redistributed services into a new two-part model and pricing structure to offer you increased flexibility and autonomy over your projects.

The Collaborate & Share (CS) subscription is your total annual scan volume, which can be increased at any time if your requirement changes. All your scans and scan projects are covered by the subscription and the CS subscription also includes all of Cintoo Cloud’s 3D viewers, crop and work zone tools as well as advanced collaboration services.

Purchase Cintoo Distribute & Analyze (DA) tokens and unlock advanced Distribute and Analyze tools and services for 1 day at a time for your whole team on the project(s) that you need, whatever the size of the project (in terms of number of scans). DA services include Scan-vs-BIM model comparison tools and distribution of point clouds for Scan-to-BIM. Future tools include scan vs scan comparison, floor flatness analysis and advanced measurements. 

Cintoo’s 2019 pricing structure begins at just US$100/90€ per month for 1000 scans and scales to your requirement. To view different price/volume ratios, please visit our pricing page

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