DataSight Introduces Breakline Builder

DataSight Introduces Breakline Builder

Leveraging Patent-Pending Software for Automated Breakline Extraction

Las Vegas NV, June 28, 2022

DataSight recently launched Breakline Builder, a cloud-based mapping solution. The solution analyzes point clouds (from LiDAR or photo) and creates breaklines, which are a more compressed and useable data format for building terrain models.

Breakline Builder allows users to better leverage LIDAR data, which is a remote sensing method using pulsed laser light to measure distance. The LIDAR data (a 3D point cloud) can then be used to produce a model of the object scanned. Objects as small as a penny and as large as many thousands of acres are scanned using LIDAR, resulting in an enormous amount of data produced quickly. Breakline Builder analyzes the point cloud to accurately identify shapes within the terrain and converts those shapes into much smaller and more useable data.

“We are thrilled to introduce Breakline Builder, which enables fast and accurate data compression. This will allow teams to use the data and focus on what they do best,” said Kurt Whorton, Chief Executive Officer at Datasight. “Modern mapping techniques create enormous amounts of data (point clouds). Our proprietary IP examines the point clouds to find linear features that define the shape of the topography (breaklines). Breaklines take a small fraction of the storage and memory required by point clouds while maintaining an accurate definition of the ground’s shape. The value of Breakline Builder is that we make the big data more useable.”

DataSight’s Breakline Builder provides superior quality through fewer errors, more precision, and consistency in data extraction. Doing so eliminates the need for manual break-line creation, which results in significant cost savings and increased accuracy.

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