DJI M300 Drone LiDAR Review | R1A | ROCK robotic

Indiana Drones reveals and reviews the brand new ROCK robotic R1A Aerial LiDAR. Indy puts the R1A through its paces with a challenging flight in the Rocky Mountains and it quickly becomes his new favorite system. Stick around to the end for a big surprise!

The R1A uses App based control and connects into the ROCK Cloud for easy data processing.

Watch the video and explore the dataset by creating a free account on the all new ROCK robotic Cloud and follow along with the blog post!

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Aerial Insight Services specializes in surveying, photogrammetry, inspection services and training using UAV LiDAR systems. We are leading the way for high fidelity data accrual using UAV LiDAR systems in situations that have traditionally used land-based data gathering. This allows us to significantly improve crew safety, timeliness to project completion, and the amount of data available for analysis to develop the best information to help our clients accomplish their business goals. 


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