DotProduct launches new professional point cloud..

DotProduct launches new professional point cloud scanning application for iOS LiDAR

Dot3D 5.0 is now available on the App Store for all iOS devices equipped with built-in LiDAR cameras. New capabilities include ultra-large scene capture, fast on-device optimization, and more.

NORWOOD, MA, USA, 14 October 2022 – With today’s new release of Dot3D 5.0, DotProduct LLC is officially launching the next generation of its mobile 3D scanning software onto its third major operating platform, iOS. This latest release leverages over a decade’s worth of mobile 3D scanning experience while also rebuilding the solution from the ground up to revolutionize what can be achieved from the iPhone/iPad’s embedded LiDAR.

As with past releases, Dot3D 5.0 for iOS has been designed to achieve levels of accuracy and scan quality far beyond what would otherwise be expected of the hardware alone. Equipped with only an iPhone/iPad Pro, Dot3D for iOS users can now scan entire rooms, houses, crime scenes, vehicles, marine vessels, and more, all to engineering-grade accuracies via proprietary on-board optimization algorithms, advanced inertial tracking, and ultra-precise reference distance constraints as needed.

The newly rebuilt Dot3D 5.0 core engine is drastically increasing single scene size capabilities on iOS. While past releases have incrementally upped these limits as hardware allowed, the new engine is officially wiping them away entirely. With Dot3D’s new intelligent streaming technology, users are now able to scan and optimize entire small buildings, roadways, landscapes, infrastructure, and other outdoor spaces all in one go, with virtually no limits to scan time or scale, outside of practical considerations.

This new core also includes a fully rebuilt optimization engine to complement this ambitious new scale of possibilities, now performing full global loop closure, tight alignments, surface reconstruction, and reference constraint satisfaction, all on-device in a fraction of the time required by previous versions, even for very large scenes.

As a professional solution built for secure environments and industrial deployments, data control and security has always been critical to Dot3D, and that remains the case on iOS. Outside of initial download and activation, internet connectivity is never required for use of Dot3D in the field, all data is owned by the user from start to finish, and all processing happens locally on the capture device (or optionally off-device via secure export). Cloud transfer is always available but never required.

Proportionally, Dot3D scan files are also now smaller and faster than ever with the all-new DP format v2. Third-party support for DP v2 will arrive in the coming months, with a “DP compatibility” option available in the meantime for use in the wide range of leading 3D applications already supporting DP. Industry-standard E57, LAS, PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG, RCS, LAZ, and POD exports are also available for maximum compatibility (RCS and POD via Dot3D Edit on Windows).

With the launch of Dot3D 5.0 on iOS, DotProduct is unlocking a new level of practicality and scalability for iOS-based deployments, providing clean, accurate, and reliable results, particularly for larger scenes and spaces. For some Dot3D customers this will be the final step in their Dot3D journey, while for others it may be the first step. DotProduct’s DPI- and RealSense-based 3D scanning kits will continue to provide their own advantages in terms of discrete details, density, and all the benefits of Windows and Android operating platforms, with Dot3D 5.0 also expected to make its way onto each of these operating systems in the coming months. Future updates will continue to improve capabilities across all three platforms as they grow more in sync moving forward.

Dot3D 5.0 has launched on the iOS App Store and is available for download today. A free 7-day trial is available to all users, as well as an indefinite free version for testing without export. Subscriptions start at only $49/month or $299/year, with a special $199 first year intro rate currently available on all new subscriptions this month only. Please be advised that an iPhone Pro or Pro Max 12 & up or an iPad Pro 2020 & up is required for use of Dot3D on iOS. Please visit for more information and to download Dot3D for iOS today.

About DotProduct LLC

Founded in 2012, DotProduct develops high performance, easy-to-use solutions for capturing 3D data. Their flagship Dot3D software powers a full suite of handheld 3D capture solutions across the latest tablet, phone, and 3D sensing platforms. The technology is designed for mobile professionals who need quality spatial data, instantly. Dot3D software turns Android, Windows, and iOS phones and tablets into real-time 3D-capture and processing solutions for the job site. Applications include construction, shipbuilding, utilities, architecture, facility management, engineering, public safety, forensics, archaeology, and much more. For more information, please visit

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