Extracting the Value in Infrastructure BIG DATA

uGRIDD Announces Release of New Industry Paper: Extracting the Value in Infrastructure BIG DATA 

Chicago, Illinois, December 1, 2020 – Despite all of today’s advances in IT technology, the hosting, cataloging, and sharing of geospatial data continues to be an ongoing challenge. uGRIDD is helping organizations to overcome those challenges with its powerful, cost saving Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that simplifies infrastructure data sharing and enterprise data management.

“The economic benefits of digital data reuse and sharing – both immediate and over many years – are enormous,” says Founder and CEO, Zhong Chen. 

The uGRIDD product suite includes uSHOW, uKAN, uFIND, and uSHARE modules, and offers seamless integration with any other web-based application, from data collection devices to established information systems. 
Users have the ability to upload their geo-referenced infrastructure data, such as (mobile/ terrestrial) LiDAR, photos, videos, survey control, and other geotechnical data, onto the platform complete with detailed (metadata) descriptions, extending the value of their data collection investment.

The newly released paper titled: Extracting the Value in Infrastructure BIG DATA, is intended to provide a base of understanding of the four foundational concepts on which the uGRIDD platform is built, while offering important insights into advanced tools you won’t find anywhere else for viewing, measuring, and extracting LiDAR data.
With uGRIDD, manage the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure assets from project planning, through architecture/ engineering design and construction, to operations and maintenance
To request a complimentary copy, send email to: sales@ugridd.com.

About uGRIDD

Founded in 2012 with the concept of “Everything is Somewhere”, uGRIDD is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Smart Infrastructure platform simplifies the visualizing, utilizing, and sharing of infrastructure “Digital Twins” by aggregating disparate project data and organizational information into a single source of truth. For more information about uGRIDD, visit: www.uGRIDD.com.


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