FARO Announces Latest Groundbreaking Version of BuildIT Construction

FARO Announces Latest Groundbreaking Version of BuildIT Construction 2019 with Enhanced Functionality to Improve Transparency for an Informed Construction Lifecycle.


The BuildIT Construction Software 2019 version provides new workflows and enhancements for continuous project evaluation for superior accountability in Traceable ConstructionTM.

Lake, Mary, February 2019 – FARO (NASDAQ: FARO), the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology and Construction BIM applications, announces the latest version of BuildIT Construction (2019). BuildIT Construction Software is a comprehensive verification software solution that accelerates projects and minimizes waste by providing construction professionals a single software ecosystem designed to easily automate various QA/QC workflows.

Complete Tank Analysis Package

Engineers and Facility Managers can confidently verify tanks are within design specifications during initial install or retrofitting thanks to the complete tank analysis report from BuildIT Construction 2019. With several tools created to calculate tank deformations, owners and inspectors can analyze various horizontal and vertical tanks to determine deviations, calculate real volumes and quickly detect critical issues on-site at the plant. Horizontal and vertical deformation functionality provides shell distortion and rigid body tilt analysis to ensure tanks are not shifting or deforming outside of their tolerances. Grid inspection allows a deeper level of understanding of these deformations in an unwrapped grid of points. With the new Tank Analysis Package, owners and inspectors now have a comprehensive solution to address numerous classifications of tank inspections. 

Laser Projection Data Preparation

BuildIT Construction 2019 now features more flexibility for laser projection data preparation. Perform both static and dynamic projections using planning capabilities for part assembly in the shop or analysis results on the job site. With BuildIT Construction 2019, In-Process Verification tools allow users to verify the presence or absence of an object using the TracerSI imaging capabilities. Three verification methods have been developed: Image Verification, Point Verification, and Edge Verification. Respectively, these methods show the differences between a 2D scan and a reference scan, the distance between a feature (corner or hole) and its position in the CAD model, and the percentage of a CAD surface’s edges that were detected in the scan.

Enhanced FARO Laser Scan Import

Multiple enhancements to the FARO Focus Scan Import dramatically speed up the initial data preparation. Spheres and checkerboards from FARO’s Traceable ConstructionTM ecosystem can now be automatically extracted during or after import, bringing data preparation time to a new level. With a streamlined data workflow, analysis and traceable validations on-site are further optimized.

Workflow Efficiency Improvements

BuildIT Construction 2019 offers several workflow enhancements resulting in improved efficiencies throughout the QA/QC process. Customers can create customizable reports with convenient information management to better visualize the critical information extracted from the analysis. Further improvements include:

  • Up to 70% reduction in file size for analysis and reporting
  • Faster rendering of large point clouds due to improved cloud rendering calculations 
  • Generated topography now automatically exports correct elevation positioning with text       labels to *.dxf.
  • Additional data fidelity within reports allowing for more detail in image snapshots
  • Enhanced reporting by using images as annotations 
  • Interaction with objects during manual alignment with new manipulators
  • Hiding data by Clipping Box allowing easier view creation

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