FARO Releases First Augmented Reality App for

FARO Releases First Augmented Reality App for Concrete Construction in Sphere Ecosystem: Flatness Check Enables Enhanced Measurement of Concrete Slabs, Saves Time, Improves Quality and Reduces Waste

LAKE MARY, Fla., Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FARO® Technologies, Inc. ( Nasdaq: FARO), a global leader in 4D digital reality solutions, today announced the release of FARO Flatness Check, the company’s first augmented reality app for the concrete industry that will enable the immediate visualization of floor flatness and floor levelness ensuring pours are completed on schedule, improved quality of work, and the elimination of expensive rework typical in high-rise residential and office construction.

Flatness Check
Flatness Check

Flatness Check integrates with FARO Sphere, the company’s cloud-based and Software as a Service-enabled ecosystem and is compatible with several generations of laser scanners, including the new FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner. Using an iPad, users can document and analyze the floor flatness and floor levelness of any concrete slab and share that data with additional project stakeholders. The app also enables foremen guiding field crews to identify out of tolerance areas within minutes and to fix those deviations while the concrete is still wet. This near real-time ability will ultimately cut costs for contractors and other involved parties as improved quality means less rework. With Flatness Check, schedules are adhered to and other trades can continue their work in a timely and efficient manner.

“Together with key customers serving as industry experts FARO has created a unique quality control workflow for the concrete industry with the huge potential to reduce rework and costs,” said Alistair Wells, Director of Product Management. “Flatness Check is the first of its kind, embedded into the FARO Sphere ecosystem and marks the beginning of what will be the rollout of additional construction quality control solutions. “By helping the concrete industry prevent waste, reduce materials usage and speed time spent on-site FARO is taking an important step in its ongoing corporate sustainability efforts to reduce carbon emissions and to ensure greener, cleaner communities wherever FARO products are in use.”

What distinguishes Flatness Check most is its intuitive design and superior user interface. This allows maximum usability to capture scan data directly into the app’s analysis algorithms and to generate augmented reality heat maps of a concrete slab. Differentiated colors correspond to specific floor flatness and floor levelness deviations. And all of that detail is readily viewable on a standard iPad. The app is fully compatible with Sphere and can trigger scan processing and registration, analyzing all data collected from Focus Premium, M70, S70, S150 and S350 laser scanners.

“The ability to scan, analyze, and view a floor analysis on the jobsite in augmented reality is a complete game changer,” said Ben Stocker, a Construction Technologist with Skender, a Chicago-based general contractor. “It’s a much more immersive experience to all parties consuming the data.”

Flatness Check is available for download now in the Apple App Store or through the Sphere portal. Used in conjunction with Focus Laser Scanners, documenting and sharing analysis results through Sphere integration has never been easier or more complete.

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