Finally, affordable insurance policy for rented or owned LiDAR

Finally, an affordable insurance policy for rented or owned LiDAR, high valued sensors, and other payload attached to drones, airplanes, and more. is providing equipment coverage for your property that is being used for mapping, geospatial, light-detection, surveying, scanning, engineering, and other similar industries. 

After over a year of underwriting,, has partnered with the top rated insurance carriers to reduce the current rates for payload insurance. All policies cover equipment on a “special peril / all-risk” basis (which basically means that if it is not specifically excluded on the policy, it is covered). The insurance program was created for engineering, agriculture, archaeology, energy, and mining industries that use sensor technology with drones (unmanned aircrafts). They are also releasing programs for other industries, so reach out to an agent if you use this equipment. 

The policy covers owned, rented, and leased equipment on a monthly or annual basis. Discounts are provided for experienced pilots, safe flying environments, and risk management technology (ie, parachute systems). 

Today, the most competitive option available for this type of insurance only covers owned equipment on an annual basis or short-term policies are limited and expensive. Other carrier’s rates are anywhere from 8%-12% of the value (for example, a $200,000 YellowScan is around $20,000 per year to insure). has a 1% – 5% rate depending on the state and operation – saving companies thousands. 

Applying for the insurance is simple – head to and select the monthly or annual application. An agent will reach out within a few minutes for a discovery call and send a quote within minutes. You also have the option of skipping the application and speaking directly to an agent about coverage and pricing. is managed by a full-service insurance brokerage (MFE Insurance Brokerage) specializing in emerging industries, and partner with all insurance carriers to provide coverage for every part of your business. 

Reach out to your insurance specialist, Tyler Crawford, today for more questions: || 213.792.2846

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