GeoSLAM Introduces Manual Alignment and ..

GeoSLAM introduces manual alignment and new export options in their latest software update

GeoSLAM’s software package is set to become even more feature-rich with three new key additions in the latest update. Today’s launch of Connect 2.2 offers users of GeoSLAM software new import & export options and the ability to merge multiple datasets.

GeoSLAM Introduces Manual Alignment

Designed with customers in mind, the new features include:

  • Manual alignment: Align multiple scans using a combination of manual and automatic processes. The workflow is performed on two or more scans in the same project and can be exported as individual scans or as a single merged point cloud.
  • Export options: In addition to exporting in LAS, PLY, and TXT, Connect 2.2 now offers structured or unstructured E57 export options, both of which include embedded panoramic images.
  • Queued processing: Users can Import multiple .geoslam files into Connect 2.2 for processing; the scans will be processed in the order they were imported, and the size of the queue can be pre-defined by the user.

In addition, you can now apply multiple automatic workflows to already processed .LAZ files.

The Connect 2.2 software package comes after positive feedback from GeoSLAM’s 2.1 update back in April 2022. Connect 2.1 included automatic data cleaning, RGB colourisation with the ZEB Vision, and an integrated measuring tool.

GeoSLAM’s aim is to frequently release software updates that further develop workflows and create a user-friendly environment for processing and reviewing point cloud data.

Customers with a GeoSLAM Care subscription will be able to freely upgrade to Connect 2.2 today, via the GeoSLAM website. The sale of new hardware products from the ZEB family of scanners comes with a 1-year GeoSLAM Care package, with the chance to upgrade to 3 years, and Connect 2.2 as standard.

Commenting on the latest software update, Dr Neil Slatcher, GeoSLAM’s Chief Product Officer said:

“We’re always looking at new ways to make our software automated and easy to use for our customers. We’ve already simplified and automated workflows for change detection, floor slices, and RGB colourisation with ZEB Vision, but there are always opportunities to do more.

“Connect is a fantastic platform for our customers to experience these changes, whilst having complete ownership of their data.”

In addition to the Connect update, a new version of GeoSLAM Draw 4.0 is available. Users are now able to import ZEB Vision panoramic images into the software, providing an end-to-end solution.

For more information about Connect 2.2, visit GeoSLAM Connect – for clean, georeferenced point clouds.

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